How to build a well in the country

If you intend to build a well with the help of hired labor, then I strongly advise you to carefully comprehend this material. The practical tips outlined in it will not only help you avoid trouble, but also save you money.




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The girl was given a caesarean. So, she lies on the table. They got my daughter and the doctor says: “Oh, you have DOUBLE. Didn't they tell you? " She is horrified: “No, no. ". Well the doctor is gone. She asks the midwife: "When will they get the second?" Midwife: "Which second?" She: "So the doctor said that I have twins!" Midwife: "Aaaaa, so Sergei Ivanovich is a joker"

They laughed for a long time. True, she believed)))

5 secrets of flower care.

- During the dormant period (autumn, winter), you cannot feed the flowers abundantly - the stem may stretch out.

- When planting, so that pests do not attack the plants in the future, 3-4 match heads must be added to the ground. Show in full.

- If pests appear, you need to spray the stems and leaves of the plant with water, in which a piece of laundry soap is diluted and a few drops of alcohol are added.

- An excellent top dressing, from which flowers grow literally before our eyes and bloom profusely, is obtained from onion peels. It is necessary to brew it steeply, then dilute the infusion with water 1:10 and water the flowers 2 times a month.

- It is better to plant flowers not in the store soil, but in the garden soil, having previously calcined in the oven.

The girl was given a caesarean to make it easier for her to give birth to a baby. So, she lies on the table. They got my daughter and the doctor says: “Oh, you have DOUBLE. Why didn't they tell you? ”She is terrified:“ No, no. “Well, the doctor left. She asks the midwife.

continuation here ..

Well - garden and vegetable garden

Purple or whitish leaves of tomato seedlings are a symptom of a serious illness or the result of improper care. Experienced gardeners told how to find out the cause of this phenomenon and save the plants. Seedlings got sick White with gray.

In addition to the traditional and familiar varieties of pears, there are very exotic and unusually tasty hybrids that are suitable for growing in temperate climates. Pysanka Compact trees of a mid-late Ukrainian hybrid grow in height up to.

These tiny violets will perfectly fit on a small shelf or windowsill in a standard apartment. They do not require special care, however, some of the subtleties of growing should be taken into account. Balchug Intuition Neat rosettes of this variety.

Birch tar is obtained by dry distillation of wood. The natural product is often used in horticulture due to its specific smell that repels various pests. Rodent traps To drive mice and rats out of the countryside.

Many gardeners think that it is impossible to keep the bark from cracking in extreme cold, but this is not the case. Several methods can help minimize damage from wind and cold temperatures. Whitewashing Protect wood from.

You can keep the carrots juicy and crispy until summer in a well-equipped cellar, but even in such a place the vegetable often loses its freshness. To avoid this, you should use simple and proven ones.

Experienced summer residents know how important it is for snow to lie on the site. If snowless, but frosty weather is predicted, then you definitely need to go to the country house to protect the plants from freezing. It is recommended to follow up.

To get a high yield, summer residents need to fertilize and protect plants from pests. They use special substances for these purposes, often the cost of which is rather big. But the owners of personal plots should pay attention.

Many gardeners do not use peat pots for growing seedlings, although they make planting easier. There are several reasons for this. Waterlogged soil In such containers there are no drainage holes, and if.

The older generation knows a lot of ways to get a good harvest. The main stage in the cultivation of agricultural and ornamental crops is the preparation of soil for seedlings. Forest land For seedlings of vegetables, forest land is suitable,.

Decking has long gained popularity in the manufacture of country fences. Despite its practicality and durability, this material can cause irreparable harm to garden trees. Mirror effect Profiled sheet metal tends to focus.

When choosing tomato seeds for their gardens, the owners often pay attention not only to the yield of the bushes, but also to the appearance of the fruits. Some varieties are adapted to the Russian climate, so they are great.

When stocking up on firewood for the winter, don't be fooled. Be careful, even if the material is delivered by acquaintances or trusted people. It is to them that there is more credit of trust and it is easier to be deceived by dishonest suppliers. ...

In warm weather, the compost heap rots in two to three months. In the cold season, the term increases threefold. In order for the natural fertilizer to be ready for use by spring, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions that will be created.

With the onset of winter and the transition of plants to a state of dormancy, some gardeners carry out pruning of fruit trees, claiming that this contributes to intensive growth and a rich harvest. This opinion is often criticized by opponents of the winter.

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