Fresh plant juices

Fresh plant juices are nothing more than preparations that can be obtained mechanically, through the pressure of the fresh plant, which has been previously chopped; these juices are represented precisely by the liquids that are found within the plant tissues of the plant.

Fresh plant juices can be found very easily on the market under vacuum, without any dyes or preservatives.

After all, it is a particularly simple method of administering plants that can boast medicinal properties. Fresh plant juices, compared to powders, have the undoubted advantage of not having to endure the drying phase, which can frequently affect the preparation, since it causes changes in the enzymes that are found within different components.

Fresh plant juice is a product with a high degree of perishable nature and, ... continues

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continue ..., for this very reason, it can be found on the market under vacuum.

Once the juice is opened, its consumption must take place immediately or in a rather short period of time, since it is particularly perishable.

We must not forget how it can be stored in the cold, therefore in the refrigerator, in case you do not want to consume it entirely immediately.

Fresh plant juices can certainly boast a rather effective healing activity.

Among the most interesting fresh plant juices we undoubtedly find aloe and artichoke, just to name two rather common examples.

In the first case, the juice of fresh artichoke plant is undoubtedly important for giving a new feeling of well-being and energy to one's body, as well as carrying out a beneficial activity as regards the preservation of the natural action of the liver gland.

Aloe vera juice must certainly be used with caution (it is advisable to always buy the one without aloin, in order to avoid its powerful laxative effects), even if it has important properties, such as analgesic and healing, in addition to carrying out a beneficial activity for the bacterial flora of the intestine.

Nettle juice is also particularly widespread: the extraction takes place by squeezing the fresh plant, without making any type of addition, not even a minimum amount of water.

The nettle juice is able to guarantee an excellent beneficial action as regards the body's draining activities, as well as guaranteeing an excellent quantity of minerals.

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