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Nematanthus (Latin Nematanthus) is a genus of the Gesneriaceae family, which includes 28 species. The plant owes its name to the German professor of botany and doctor of medicine Heinrich Adolf von Schroeder, who formed the word "nematanthus" from two Greek words: νημα - thread, hair, and άνθος - flower, that is, a flower on a thin peduncle. Sometimes the nematanthus flower is called a goldfish. Currently, the genus Nematanthus has been combined with the genus Hypocyrtus (hypo - under, kyrtos - elongated), therefore this name of nematanthus is also legitimate. The plant has been known in culture since 1846.

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Juniper tree - a symbol of eternal life
This small evergreen coniferous tree (up to 10-15 m) or shrub (up to 3 m) belonging to the cypress family, bears fruit with dark blue cones, which are medicinal raw materials. They are harvested in October-November, during the period of full maturity, when they turn black and blue and dried in a well-ventilated room at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. It is better not to use an oven and dryer for this purpose, since overheating the quality of raw materials greatly deteriorates. In a closed wooden container, berries are stored for three years without losing their capacity.

Growing seedlings in an apartment
Growing seedlings begins long before the warmth. So you can significantly increase the yield, especially since many vegetables in the northern regions (and not only in the northern ones!), Which love warmth, can only be grown with the help of seedlings. But if the planted seeds get cold enough, then there will probably be no harvest. you won't get it! So hybrids and vegetable varieties that are valuable to you, or those plants, the number of seeds of which is very small, should be bred with seedlings. Typically, seeds in a field will sprout half as much as in your window. ...

Brick garden houses
Brick houses are renowned for their strength and durability. Therefore, the construction of brick houses has long been popular among amateur gardeners. Brick is an ancient building material made from low-melting clay and loam, as well as with the addition of sand, ash, sawdust. The bricks are fired and processed with steam, due to which they become similar to real stones in their properties. Brick is a rather prestigious material, and brick houses are much more expensive than wooden or other materials. There are several types of brick.

Which greenhouse to choose
Nowadays, you can not only build a greenhouse with your own hands from scrap materials, but also buy a ready-made one in specialized stores. In either case, it will be useful for gardeners to learn a few rules that will help you choose a model that is suitable for the conditions of their garden plots. Decide what you need a greenhouse for: to obtain bountiful crops of nightshade and pumpkin, or to grow seedlings, early greens and radishes. In the latter case, for example, you can get by with a small greenhouse. Decide what varieties you are going to grow.

Carrot juice
Carrot juice contains trace elements, minerals, antioxidants, so the juice obtained from carrots is considered a healthy product. Carrot juice is especially rich in vitamin A, the strongest antioxidant in the juice. Vitamin A is best absorbed by the human body from carrot juice. Also, carrot juice prevents the appearance of malignant tumors. Nowadays it is very fashionable to use fresh juices or freshly squeezed juices. This is due to the fact that they do not contain preservatives and other harmful additives. Basically, this juice is considered excluded.

How to improve the soil fertility of the garden plot
This is done mainly by introducing compost and manure. Moreover, the compost is applied every year, and manure can be applied once every two to three years. Almost everything can be composted: fallen leaves, tops, weeds, rotten vegetables and fruits. The only condition is that the entire given mass must completely "burn out". To do this, the compost heap during the warm season needs to be shoveled more than once and continuously kept wet. Many gardeners use ash after burning woody plants, sprinkle it on a plot without measure and weight. Excessive application of it leads to latching.

Planting and caring for viburnum
In many garden plots, you can see luxurious bushes of red viburnum. And it is not surprising: this culture is very durable, does not fear frost and already in the third or fourth year after planting pleases with the first harvest of healing berries. At the same time, it grows on almost any soil - if only there was enough moisture, and plenty of sun. In May, the viburnum color attracts insects; in winter, birds are not averse to feeding on its berries. And people have long appreciated their healing properties. After picking berries after the first frost, when the specific bitterness partially disappears from them,.

Greenhouse plastic film
Polymer film is the predominant coating material for greenhouses and other protected ground structures. The film is elastic, practically does not change its linear dimensions in atmospheric conditions and therefore is suitable for rigid attachment in greenhouses. The film is resistant to acids and oxidants, water and vapor permeable, satisfactorily permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide, not exposed to mold fungi, non-toxic to plants and odorless. The film is not resistant to oils and is short-lived: during operation it becomes fragile, scrap.

What should be a greenhouse
Now professionals and amateur gardeners have developed many "smart" and at the same time simple devices to maintain the required microclimate in greenhouses. Airing machines - hydraulic, electrical, bimetallic. Drip irrigation with precise dosing and non-clogging hoses made of a special material that is not afraid of direct sunlight. And about the material for covering greenhouses, you can talk indefinitely. Let's take a greenhouse film. Previously, there was no variety on the market. And now it is stabilized.

The healing properties of flowers and leaves of a sunflower
Nature has endowed the sunflower with valuable medicinal properties. Absolutely everything is useful in it, from flowers to the very roots. For medicinal purposes, yellow marginal petals are used, an infusion of sunflower of which is very effective for chronic ulcers and diabetes mellitus. A handful of petals are poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for 20 minutes, the water is drained, and the petals are applied to ulcers, wounds, sore spots for the day or night and secured with a bandage. A unique remedy for the treatment and prevention of colds is considered to be a tincture of petals, which are tightly packed (tamped).

The healing properties of crowberry
This wonderful plant has many different names, people call it shiksha, and nigella, and crow, and a brush or dwarf. This berry was named for its wateriness and, apparently, for its strong diuretic effect, and crowberry - for the color of the fruit, black, like a raven's wing. Outwardly, this evergreen creeping shrub with a height of 20 to 50 cm, thanks to its small narrow leaves of bright green color, looks very attractive. Crowberry blooms with small inconspicuous pinkish or dark red flowers. But her globular massive berries are difficult.

Tarragon wormwood
Tarragon is a good preservative for homemade preparations. The spice helps to preserve the natural color of the product, improves the taste and smell of vegetables. Tarragon is used for pickling and pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, for pickling cabbage, for flavoring vinegar and sauces. It is added to fish dishes, vegetables, side dishes, salads, cheese and sour milk. Fresh tarragon is put into a dish just before serving, dried - a few minutes before being ready. It is believed that the taste and aroma of fresh tarragon will be more pronounced if the dish is lightly sauteed.

How to care for indoor plants | 2021

Light for indoor plants First of all, all flower growers need to know that indoor plants are very fond of warm light. Therefore, pets should be placed in the brightest place in the apartment.

Flowering plants and those species that are distinguished by variegated leaves need special lighting. It is worth not forgetting that in any room the degree of illumination decreases with distance from the window. Therefore, almost all ornamental plants are best placed on the windowsill.

All light-loving plants (aloe, gastria, havortia and cacti), as well as flowering species (roses, azaleas, bells and violets) like to grow towards the window pane. Therefore, it is important to regularly rotate the pots in order to avoid sharp curvature of the flower stems. And at the same time, remember that plants are not particularly fond of when they are very often moved from their familiar place to another place. In this situation, you can use this trick: just tilt the pots a little and put small blocks under them. Draft and house pets Every housewife should also remember that houseplants in pots do not tolerate drafts. Therefore, when you plan to ventilate the room, first move the flowers to another room. If you do not have euro windows and it is blowing strongly from the window, then try to move them away from the window panes and put them on a small elevation.

Watering Flowers Correctly Proper watering for indoor plants is very important. In winter, they are usually in a state of pacification and rest, and therefore the work of their root system is inhibited. During this period, the plants should be watered every few weeks. But in warm seasons (spring and summer), flowers need watering more often. Give them some water a couple of times a week. In addition, almost all plants are very fond of having a shower from a spray bottle. Regarding the temperature of the water for irrigation, it is best to use water at room temperature. And, preferably, settled. Warm water can make flowers frail, and cold water can make them sick.

Boiled water for watering pets is also not suitable, since it does not contain oxygen and trace elements. See also: How to properly wash indoor plants And so that midges do not annoy the flowers, they must be watered with a weak solution of water and potassium permanganate. This should be done a couple of times a week. If the plants are bored with other indoor pests, you can periodically wipe the leaves with soapy water. How to correctly transplant houseplants For this, it is best to choose clay, not plastic pots.

The main rule is to buy a pot a little larger than the previous one. Next, stock up on fresh earth, expanded clay and sand. Put expanded clay on the bottom in a new pot. Next, cover it with fibrous peat or moss and fill the soil with about 1/3 of the pot. Gently take the flower out of the old pot, strut the old earth and put it in a new container. It remains only to add some soil. And one more important tip: the transplanted flower should be watered very moderately until it takes root. You can also feed its root system with vitamins.

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Say the letter H in order
Put your tongue to the palate,
Sing her alone:
That's so News - Well, Well!

Who is the Letter H?
KNOW Night and KNOW DAY.
Know the sun and the moon,
Autumn and Spring know.
I'll tell you a secret
That I am also friends with her.
I tied my life with Her,
After all, my name is Nazar!

I have known the letter H for a long time -
Since childhood I have been told: "But, but!"
And grew up, now in response
I often hear the word: "No!"
"I do not want!" And mom: "It is necessary!"
In general, we don't get along with the letter N.
Erase H from the alphabet
But my name is Nikita ...

Rhino shouts to friends
I brought you the letter H,
You need to know the letter H
To celebrate the New Year.

Let's take KaraNdash in our palms,
С Н Let's write "Nose" and "Legs".
The night has come, I must sleep -
The letter N NuzhNa again.

Toe Worn Toe
Hooked on Obliquely
The letter H went to bed
So that the next day not to be ill.

With the letter H, we are not bored,
With the letter H, solid flour,
It sounds like two strings
In the middle of the word - "us" ...
Then the last will be H,
She wants to change
And it will be attached at the beginning ...
Where we have not met
H - in the valley, at the top,
My friend Inna has ...
I proudly carry
The very first - on the nose!

OUR NURA under the bed
He plays hide and seek with the cat.
FUNCTIONS and jumps,
Hides the belt behind the back.
The cat is purring, the tail is a pipe.
- DO NOT keep up with you!
The kitty put his nose in the SOCK ...
DON'T FIND a belt!

Say the letter H so that
Put your tongue to the palate,
Sing her alone:
That's so News - Well, Well!

Mink crawled out of the mink
And she went to the familiar mink.
I entered the mink,
I did not find a mink in a mink.
If there is no mink in the mink,
maybe a mink is near a mink?
Not anywhere. And the trace disappeared.
The mink is here, but the mink is not!

I Hate the word - No!
Do not need me to prohibit him!
And I don't like it, friends,
Nasty words - "It is impossible",
"Don't go!", "Don't!", "Don't turn around!",
"Don't Noah!", "Don't run!", "Don't fight!"
Continuous "not" and barriers
In the morning they spoil my mood
A boring word - "It is necessary!" -
Doesn't promise me Rewards:
It always spoils me
I'm very tired of it!
But - "I will not!", "I do not want!" -
I scream with pleasure.


The second name for crocus - saffron - comes from the Arabic sepheran - yellow. Its pollen is used as a natural color for liqueurs, cheeses, butter and some drinks. Real saffron is the world's most expensive spice, which is understandable, since only flower stigmas are used as a seasoning. Since ancient times, saffron has been used both as a means of giving love power, and as an incense that overcomes bad odors.It was considered prestigious to wear clothes and shoes dyed with saffron.

For amateur flower growers, the main value of the crocus is very early flowering. Yellow, purple, white flowers emerge from under the half-melted snow and herald the beginning of spring. And even if there will be frosts and it may snow, it's still spring!

It is better to plant crocuses in special nets for bulbous plants so that they do not fall prey to hungry mice. Up to four new ones are formed in the place where one bulb was planted, and, therefore, flowering in the next season can be up to four times more intense. The British believe that admiring crocuses is especially useful for representatives of the strong half of humanity. After all, it tunes in a romantic mood, instills a craving for wanderings and noble deeds. The price is for 15 crocus bulbs.
Mailing of this product is carried out in AUTUMN.

Conditions. Photophilous. Planting in a sunny place, bloom worse in the shade. After flowering, they are undemanding to light and can be in partial shade. They are unpretentious to soils, but grow better on loose, fertile, well-drained with a slightly acidic or neutral reaction. Poorly tolerate excess soil moisture. Chlorosis can develop on calcareous soils. They winter well under the snow. In cold, snowless winters, mulching with peat, sawdust or foliage is necessary.

Landing. The optimal time for planting is mid to late August. Dense clay soils are loosened with sand before planting. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are added to sour and peat fertilizers and lime. The structure and composition of poor sandy soils are improved with clay and organic fertilizers. The distance between the plants is 6-12 cm, the planting depth depends on the size of the bulb, the larger it is, the deeper, and is 4-8 cm. You can plant crocus right on the lawn. To do this, make an incision similar to the letter H and open two flaps. Sprinkle humus, ash, mineral fertilizers on the soil and mix gently. Then the required number of bulbs is gently pressed to a depth, the shutters are closed and pressed down by hand. In dry weather, the planting site should be watered.

Care... Watering is recommended in dry weather, when the plants begin to grow actively and prepare for flowering, and then during the period of flowering and rapid growth of leaves. Watering rate 10 l / m². It is very important to keep the crocus planting free of weeds. To do this, weeding are regularly carried out and the soil is finely loosened.

Top dressing is done in March, even in the snow, but when active thawing has already begun and the temperature is above zero during the day. Nitrophoska is scattered over the planted area at the rate of 50-60g / m². You can use compost or humus for fertilizing. It is not recommended to feed crocuses with manure.

Curtains must be planted every 4-5 years. For transplanting, the bulbs are dug out at the beginning of summer. Yellowed, dried and fallen leaves serve as a signal for digging. The dug out bulbs are thoroughly dried in a ventilated room, but not the sun. Already dried up, they are cleaned of plant debris and earth, sorted out, sorting out sick and damaged ones, and stored in a dry room until planting.

For the winter, it is useful to mulch with peat or foliage.

Most often, crocuses are harmed by the root onion mite and various nematodes. They are helped by dressing the bulbs after digging with insecticides and processing with a weak hot (about 45 ° C) solution of potassium permanganate before planting. Bulbs and young sprouts are eaten with pleasure by mice. To protect the plants, they are planted in special baskets for bulbs, or barriers impassable for mice are dug in around the perimeter in the form of pieces of tin, slate, and cord. Around the plants, you can dig shallow protective grooves in which to hide the poison, and cover the plantings themselves with spruce branches.

In warm and damp weather, crocuses suffer from fungal diseases and corm rot. Spraying with copper-containing preparations during the growing season will help to cope with them. Sometimes the plants are visited by rust. The most effective way to combat it is the etching of the planting material before planting with one of the fungicides. If sick or heavily infested plants or corms are found, they are immediately removed so as not to infect the rest.

Application. Curbs, ridges, flower beds of any style, flower beds, rocky hills, near-trunk circles near large trees and bushes, or just on the lawn. Looks best when planted in groups. Can be used for pot distillation for the New Year or spring holidays.

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