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Peat is a by-product of the decomposition of various herbaceous marsh plants. Peat is widely used in plant cultivation because it has the ability to retain large amounts of water and mineral elements and keeps the soil pH stable.

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Characteristics of national monarchies - The population that found itself unified under the new one national monarchy, felt the need to unite under common interests.
This led to a consolidation of the nation, giving a new sense of belonging.
Examples of national monarchies"- The states that passed from a feudal to a national monarchy were France, Spain, Portugal and England.
In France, a large part of the territories was divided into fiefdoms or was independent from the authority of the king, who was Ugo Capeto, who managed to expand his possessions to occupy a large part of France, except for the possessions of the king of England.

The formation of national monarchies: theme developed

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