Aralia (lat. Aralia) is a genus of flowering plants of the Araliaceae family, whose range covers the subtropics, tropics and partly regions with a temperate climate in Asia, Australia, North and Central America. There are about 70 species in the genus, but the culture mainly cultivates the ornamental, medicinal and melliferous plant Manchurian aralia.

What is a mole rat

The mammal belongs to rodents, belongs to the family of Molecans. The body of the animal is elongated. The broad, flat head, which is compared to a shovel, merges smoothly into the body. The ears are hidden under the fur. The short tail is covered with thick skin. The naked nose, covered with a layer of keratinized skin, protects the animal from injury.

The mole rat has no vision at all. Thick skin, coarse hairs cover the eyes, depriving the rodent of the ability to perceive light. All teeth, except for two large incisors, are covered with multi-fold lips. With protruding incisors, the animal digs the ground. With five-toed paws, like a scoop, it throws away the soil. The front legs are shorter than the hind legs. In a weak voice, the animal makes quiet sounds similar to screeching.

The thick fur of young individuals is colored silver, in adults, the fur is darker, the overflow of gray and brown shades is noticeable. The hair on the abdomen and head is lighter than on other parts of the body. White spots may appear on the abdomen, and a vertical white stripe or cream spot on the back of the head and forehead. The mouth is surrounded by blond hair.

Economic value [edit | edit code]

Representatives of the Clove family are of great economic importance. Some representatives of the clove, such as Gypsophila, Carnation, Mylnyanka, Dryoma, Zorka, have been introduced into cultivation and are used as ornamental plants. Cloves contain various physiologically active substances: flavonoids, alkaloids, vitamins, organic acids, phytoecdysteroids and saponins. The presence of these substances determines the use of certain species of the family - Hernia smooth ( Herniaria glabra ), representatives of the Kachim clans ( Gypsophila ), Thistle ( Acanthophyllum ), Smolyovka ( Silene ) - in folk and official medicine. Due to the significant content of saponins, a number of cloves are used as substitutes for soap, in the production of foam concrete and oriental sweets. Many species give good hay, field toritsa ( Spergula arvensis ) is sown as forage grass.

Poisonous for humans and livestock Common doll ( Agrostemma githago ). The weeds are Medium starlet ( Stellaria media ), Thousand Heads Spanish ( Vaccaria hispanica ) and some other types.

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