Elm (Bach flower)


(English elm)

The elm remedy in Bach flowers is indicated for people who, despite being able and very capable, for reasons of stress, fear that they have lost their natural abilities.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Elm

Common name in Italian

: English elm

Scientific name

: Ulmus procera (FamilyUlmaceae)


Bach Elm flower (wild elm) is a remedy indicated for those people who have many responsibilities, more than those who can satisfy. They are successful people, who generally have a rewarding job and in which they believe in but who have moments, due to too much work and too many responsibilities, in which they think they can not go on and fail and that they are no longer at all. height of the situation.

Elm people demand a lot from themselves and want everything, especially in the workplace, to be done in the best possible way, even if there are moments in which they lose their self-confidence thinking they can't do it, because they feel overwhelmed by excessive responsibilities.

It is for strong, energetic, tenacious people who, however, come to a certain point where, by asking too much of their body (and with the belief that the world does not work without their work), psychosomatic crises, nervousness arise, which lead to a crisis of mistrust.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a person Elm “For those who are doing a good job, they are following their calling and they hope to do something important, often for the good of humanity. Sometimes they can go through periods of depression when they feel that the task undertaken is too difficult and is beyond the capabilities of a human being ".(1)


The elm Bach flower remedy helps to regain confidence in oneself and in one's abilities and not to be discouraged even if at that moment one feels weak and disheartened.

It is a remedy that gives new sprint and energy by canceling the momentary depression. In practice, in Bach flowers it helps to relax, to overcome anxiety, to regain lost energy and to resent being able to carry out one's work with balance and constancy.

It is a supportive remedy for the person.


If you want to prepare the mother tincture elm of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the flowering plant in early spring.

L'Ulmus procera it is a very widespread tree in most of North America, in Europe (especially in England, hence the name being the classic tree of the English plains) and Asia. It can reach 40 m in height with a trunk of 2 m in diameter. The leaves are deep green and appear in spring, after flowering. The flowers are small and reddish.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Elm or Elm

The flower for those who have too many responsibilities and sometimes feel they can't give their best.

Elm tree also called Elm in Bach flowers it is suitable for those who, usually reliable and responsible both at work and in the family, experience moments of exhaustion and no longer feel able to face the commitments that these responsibilities entail. L'Elm it helps this type of person to regain confidence in himself, when he believes he is no longer up to the situation in which his contribution is required.

Elm tree

L'Elm it gives new strength to look at one's situation objectively, recognize one's possibilities but also one's limits and accept them with serenity. It is therefore helpful to overcome the moments of discouragement due to excessive work and overload of responsibility.

Content index:

Elm: strength and sensitivity

The English elm, from which the Bach Elm flower, is widespread above all in its land of origin. It is a tree with a tapered trunk that shows considerable strength and resilience even if it has been severely pruned.

The elm is a majestic tree which in the thirties suffered a strong decimation. Despite being a majestic tree, it was exterminated in those years by a small mushroom: from here we can clearly read the analogy between Elm as a remedy and the plant itself. It is suitable for all people who are able to resist for a long time but who suddenly collapse due to a small surplus of work.

The English elm from which the Bach Elm flower is obtained is a tree of great strength, like the oak but of greater sensitivity, expressed by the tapered trunk, the thin outline of the branches and the fineness of the twigs.

Elm and responsibility

Elm is the Bach flower for those who tend to take too much responsibility. In its harmonic form, Elm people are gifted with remarkable skills which are evident in the management of any commercial, family or other type of business. These people carry out everything with commitment and know how to assume their responsibilities.

In the disharmonious form, Elm is the flower for people who find themselves going through a difficult, temporary moment. What happens to these people who usually face everything with great skills, is a moment of tiredness and weakness that leads them to believe that they are no longer able to play their role. The sudden overexertion it can create big problems for these people: under the influence of a moment of weakness, an uncontrollable impulse is unleashed that pushes them to give up everything.

Elm represents all the people who know how to get by on their own and who live a difficult time that risks confusing them and not making them make the right decision.

Often it is those who are surrounded by other people who refer to them and when the Elm person is in a disharmonious state, even those around him feel lost. That usual support is lacking, creating crisis.

Elm: a selfless person

In addition to remarkable self-sustaining abilities, the person characterized by the Bach Elm flower has a strong tendency to altruism and this combination often gives him positions of responsibility and prestige in life. However, this entails long and demanding tasks to be carried out.

The problem arises precisely when the person he identifies too much with these duties and a state of disharmony develops that makes him feel saturated. When work or social demands become too pressing, the Elm person slips into a fit of exhaustion. In these moments, the subject Elm is ready to give up everything, disinterested in what until recently had vital importance for him. And the risk in these cases is a sudden blow of the head.

Taking the flower restores a balance by restoring the right proportions to the crisis: the person will feel more relieved and will be able to better manage the overload situation, judging himself or herself up to the level and also finding the necessary space for rest.

The home and workplace of Dr Edward Bach in the years when he completed research into his flower remedy system.

Mount Vernon is the name of the 19th Century cottage where Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered the Bach flower remedies, lived and worked during the last years of his life. You will find us in the heart of the Oxfordshire village Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, near the market town of Wallingford. Mount Vernon,… Continue reading "About Us"

Elm (Bach flower)

Keep the perspective right and don't get overwhelmed. Manage your hectic days with confidence and take the time to meet your needs. Elm's positive potential is a return to efficiency and the ability to put things in perspective.

Used with confidence for over 80 years and developed by Dr. Bach

The 38 essences of the Original Bach® Flowers each correspond to a different emotional state, and all together form a system that, in his opinion, would cover the entire range of human emotional experience.

In Edward Bach's system, simplicity is essential: he wanted everyone to be able to understand which remedy was useful in the specific situation and why. He classified the remedies into seven emotion-based groups to further help you find the most suitable remedy or personal blend. If you need help choosing the right essence for you, try our Create your own blend page.

Our products are the only remedies that use flower essences sourced directly from Mount Vernon, the home of Edward Bach. To make sure you are purchasing the highest quality products, look for Dr. Bach's signature on the packaging - a guarantee seal indicating that the product is derived from flowers from the original gardens or locations indicated by Dr. Bach himself.

Anyone can use the original, completely natural Bach® Flower essences at any time of the day.

How should I take Original Bach® Flowers?

Bach® Original Flowers are natural remedies that you can take in different ways ...

Can essences be added to water?

You can take the essences directly from the bottle or add them to the water ...

Do the flowers come from Dr. Bach's garden?

Original Bach® Flowers are the only brand that uses flowers and plants from the gardens of Mount Vernon (now called the Bach Center).

How can I be sure that I am buying real Original Bach® Flowers?

When buying Original Bach® Flowers, always look for Dr. Bach's signature on the package.

Why do Original Bach® Flowers contain alcohol?

Dr. Bach used alcohol, and precisely brandy, to preserve the essence and make it last longer ...

Can I take Original Bach® flowers with other medicines?

Original Bach® Flowers are not expected to cause adverse effects, but always consult your doctor.

How many essences can I mix together?

It is possible to create a personalized blend of essences to help you find harmony.

How long will it take to start feeling a difference?

We are all different from each other. Your closest friend may get immediate results from Original Bach® Flowers and feel revitalized, while others may take longer

Take a single essence according to your needs, or create a combination of up to seven essences with a mixing bottle.

Add 2 drops of essence to the water and sip it periodically. Alternatively, pour 2 drops into a 30ml mixing bottle with still mineral water and take 4 drops at least 4 times a day.

Sold in a handy dropper bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Always read the label.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking Bach flowers.

This product contains alcohol. If you are taking medications that are contraindicated with alcohol, consult your doctor before taking this product.

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Elm (Bach flower)

Who needs the Bach Elm flower is a person who is in a very stressful period of life, as he has brought his body to the limit of endurance. This state occurs when you make a commitment to complete too many tasks. By doing so, real energy collapses occur resulting in severe headaches, dizziness, feeling of dizziness, sweating and in extreme cases panic attacks or fainting occur. Once the energy reserve is over, therefore, it collapses. Once this blackout has been overcome, the person begins again to bring body and mind to maximum performance, causing in some cases real collapses, in others a lack of concentration, irritability or insomnia.
This state of mind arises in the person due to situations created from the outside, and therefore the manager, the person with great responsibility, the entrepreneur, the stay-at-home mother who has so many things to do, the student under examination are particularly exposed to it. , the competitive athlete, the doctor who works day and night etc. it is also possible that it can also occur due to a sudden situation, for example when a loved one falls into illness and it is necessary to take care of him and eventually replace him.

The Elm state of mind leads the person in one direction and that is to physical and mental exhaustion.
Stress today is the main cause of disease and can even lead to death.

Please note: this Flower may resemble Oak and Hornbeam, the difference is that Elm is a passing mood while Oak and Hornbeam can become chronic.

The typical phrases of the person who needs the Bach Elm flower:
I'm too stressed, I'll never make it.
I'm afraid I won't make it.
I'm stressed.
I'm no longer up to my job.
I have too many commitments! I'm overloaded.
I'm not myself anymore.
sooner or later I collapse.
i'm so tired that i can't sleep.
after studying a lot on the exam I had a blackout.
my body is on the edge.
I'm asking too much of myself.
sometimes my eyesight goes down.
I don't even have time to look myself in the face.

Typical symptoms of the person who needs the Bach Elm flower:
energy exhaustion
nervous breakdown
subjective dizziness
manic excitement
reactive depression
sense of inadequacy
decreased desire
nervous breakdown

Transpersonal Principle of the Bach Elm Flower:
Decongestant, Acute Pain Relief, Incoercible: Dental, Auricular, Osteoarticular, Neuralgic, etc. Colic: Renal, Hepatic,
Menstrual, etc.

Disharmony: Overwhelm, Overflow, Surrender

Proceedings of the 3rd A.M.I.F.
Italian Medical Association of Flower Therapy

Prof. Ermanno Paolelli
- Holder of the Chair of Biological Psychiatry
Medical School
University of Human and Technological Sciences
L.U.de.S. of Lugano (Switzerland)
- Founder and President d

the A.M.I.F.

Bach Elm flower
Transpersonal principle: rigidity, overload, "overflow"

We have obtained excellent results in the treatment of pains of great intensity, both manifested as pains (dental, joint, neuralgic) and as colic (menstrual, kidney, liver, digestive).
These pains have a common denominator: they are of strong intensity and largely irrepressible.
We have also achieved good results when an extremity reacts with pain to the request to fulfill its task, that is when it comes to pains related to mobility: walking, supporting the weight of the body (legs), grabbing objects
(hands and arms).

Source: New Horizons with Bach Flowers.
Author: Ricardo Orozco graduated in Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1982. He studied acupuncture, chiropractic and flower therapy.


---------- You have the feeling of not being up to your task or responsibilities


  • one suddenly feels overwhelmed by one's tasks
  • you have the impression of not making it anymore, a small additional assignment becomes the classic straw that breaks the camel's back
  • one has the feeling of not being able to meet one's responsibilities
  • you feel too weak to succeed in everything you have to and want to do
  • phases of discouragement that affect strong characters, undermining, at least in a passing way, the otherwise good self-confidence
  • transient feeling of insufficiency due to profound fatigue
  • one momentarily doubts one's abilities and one's aptitude for a particular task
  • we no longer know where to start wasting energy, instead of delegating
  • we have let ourselves be stuck in a situation in which we are indispensable, and we believe that we can no longer shirk responsibility
  • you hesitate to stay in bed with the flu, because you don't want to leave your colleagues in check

Positive potential

  • capable, responsible, trustworthy
  • you are able to evaluate how much work you can do alone and when you can delegate it to others
  • we are convinced that, when you have done your best, the necessary help will come at the right time
  • one also recognizes the responsibility one has towards oneself

Elm it is the stress flower par excellence. It is always indicated when requests are excessive. Typical is the feeling of being overloaded and no longer up to the task. These situations often cause a sudden collapse of psychic and sometimes physical strength as well. Characteristic of the state Elm they are those "typical stress disorders", such as severe nervousness, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, circulatory disturbances, nervous palpitations and, in extreme cases, nervous exhaustion. A state Elm acute occurs when one demands too much of one's strength at a given moment. The person then feels overwhelmed and believes that he cannot make it. In general, in this case we are dealing with capable, skilled people, who at other times get along very well in their duties, but in that period they have a lot to do. The cause of this overload can be represented by both external circumstances that require a particular commitment (for example in the case of exams, a promotion, deadlines to be met, in situations that require great responsibility or in a sudden situation in which you can rely only on themselves, etc.), and by excessive claims against themselves (Vervain). In these cases the person feels that he is no longer able to overcome the inner pressure that he himself has caused by expecting too much from his own strength.

The state Elm it's about people who are highly motivated by their soul purpose and know what they are doing in the world. A person in the state Elm she suffers as if she were blind (but not only for this reason), unable to see the future. the guy Elm is well adapted to life, is successfully integrated into society: doctors, magistrates, priests and teachers are potentially individuals Elm. They are people who have evolved beyond the simple competition for survival, who live more selflessly. Uncertainty, however, undermines their position, like a virus: what if they are wrong? Elm it leads us back to the source of our true strength when we get too rooted in the material world. Beyond the burden of responsibility that this entails, we must learn to give that strength

So far as Vervain persists in his state, or rather, what is proposed by him does not find the desired credit, there may be an exasperation of this attitude. The involvement in what he believes becomes absolute, one can get to speak of an EXPANSION, in every aspect of his life, of the principles, of the ideas in which he believes. EXPANSION, just like it happens in Elm, it can also be understood as the certainty that what one is doing is extremely important for the whole of humanity. It is therefore logical to think that, where there is such a great goal, the fear of not succeeding may emerge. Characteristic of Elm, it is the overexertion that comes immediately and suddenly and that makes him believe that he is no longer able to carry out what he desired. The fear of not making it into Elm, it is, if we want to say so, of a social rather than a personal nature. Indeed Elm, in facing reality he never thinks exclusively of himself but of the common good, taking on an increase of responsibility which, when excessive, causes uncertainty and the fear of not being able to do it anymore. The Two Flowers: Vervain's fanaticism then becomes a commitment to pursue his own ideals and Elm's sudden feeling of insecurity is transformed into adequate reflection on what to do to complete what has been undertaken.

Source: Bach Flower Therapy Last Frontiers of Tradition, Dr. Maurizio Lupardini.

Therapeutic strategies
The keywords would be organization and delegation, but generally the Elm remedy is very powerful and quick in its action, so everything comes by itself. However, the therapeutic association with lemon and rosemary essential oil is excellent. The action of Maca from the Andes on fatigue of the lower limbs and stress is very good.

Source Floritherapy for women. New Techniques Ed., Via Eritrea 21, 20157 Milan, Dr. Marcella Saponaro

Flower therapy belongs to the large family of psychosomatic medicine. Professor Rocco Carbone, professor of Natural Medicine at the University of Guglielmo Marconi, reveals the properties of Bach flowers and how they help to live better.

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Children and young people who behave in line with their age may feel unprepared when faced with events greater than themselves. The most common case is when you lose a reference figure, or when you are overloaded with too much responsibility towards younger brothers or sisters. This Bach flower lifts children and restores serenity

The loss of an important reference, both from an emotional and a professional point of view, creates a feeling of incapacity, for which every responsibility appears as an insurmountable mountain.

In these cases the Star of Bethlehem is effective to overcome the initial shock, while the Elm helps to regain a clear vision to face the situation.

Pour 3 drops of each flower into 30 ml of natural mineral water.


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