The next holiday "Gifts of Autumn - 2012"

Tradition is alive

Every autumn at the end of October for the last six years in the House of Culture "Suzdalsky" the harvest festival of the club "Green Gift - 3" has been held.

The festival was also attended by gardeners, members of the "Smile" club, which works in the same recreation center and is headed by Galina Ivanovna Fomicheva. There were guests from other clubs in the city, such as the club at the House of Scientists on the Neva and the Usadebka club, as well as members of the city club Golden Autumn - well-known gardeners in our city Galina Prokopyevna Romanova, Lyubov Dmitrievna Bobrovskaya, Litvinova Alevtina Pavlovna. Famous winegrowers Vladimir Nikolaevich Silnov and Irina Nikolaevna Plekhanova, who are promoting this culture to our region, also attended our holiday. Now many listeners of the Zeleny Dar-3 club have planted grape seedlings grown by these specialists on their plots.

The holiday turned out to be beautiful, interesting in content, with a concert and a feast. The gardeners tasted the gifts of the orchards and gardens brought by the participants of the holiday, various pastries, the “Charlotte” pie with apples, as well as delicious bread with pumpkin were in special demand.

Hardworking gardeners, despite the climatically difficult past summer, tried to grow many interesting or just high-quality vegetables. The spectacle of the exhibits displayed on a long table was impressive, vivid and varied (see photo). Along with traditional pumpkins, zucchini, squash, carrots, beets, onions and garlic were presented grapes, watermelon hybrids of huge size, melons grown in the open field, lagenaria, berry and vegetable physalis, impressive heads of Peking cabbage, the secrets of growing this crop are already quite mastered by the participants of our holiday.

On the exhibition table were baskets with ruddy apples (their harvest last season was huge), bottles of homemade wine, vegetable sweets and even a bouquet of blooming roses. And there were also many winter preparations according to various original recipes. They could be tasted later.

As always, the achievements of the gardeners were assessed by a competent jury, which was traditionally headed by Luiza Nilovna Klimtseva. The gardeners who distinguished themselves with particular successes in the gardening business were awarded with useful gifts, which were taken care of by the employees of our beloved House of Culture. However, none of the exhibitors was left without gifts, even if there was a modest jar with canned cucumbers on the table. And it was pleasant to people, and many kind words were said to the director of the House of Culture and employees.

Everyone, without exception, was attracted by another interesting event organized by the employees of the Palace of Culture: a master class on carving "Decorative carving for fruits and vegetables." The participants of the holiday surrounded the table, on which, as if by magic, bouquets of flowers from vegetables were growing under the hands of carving craftsmen. Even a huge watermelon blossomed with a smile and passed from hand to hand who wanted to be photographed with it.

And never a holiday in the recreation center "Suzdalsky" is complete without dancing, because our gardeners are able not only to surprise with the results of their work, but they are very good at both having fun and dancing.

And the head of the club "Smile" G.I. Fomicheva brought an interesting poetic element to our holiday - an interlude on the theme "Smile". This smile lights up from the sun, which gives life to everything on earth.

In short, the harvest festival was a success, and gardeners, having grown and prepared environmentally friendly vegetables, berries, apples, can now meet winter without fear.

Lyudmila Rybkina, member of the club "Green Dar-3" municipality "Shuvalovo-Ozerki"

Photo by Svetlana Ovchinnikova

The next holiday "Gifts of Autumn - 2012" took place - garden and vegetable garden

November 13, 2019 propaganda train "For a healthy lifestyle and for a healthy, happy family." Bulk charging.

On November 13, 2019, the regional propaganda train "For a healthy lifestyle and for a healthy, happy family" was held on the territory of the Inzensky district. This form of work in the region is carried out on the initiative of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, Sergei Morozov. There were many playgrounds, one of them was on the basis of the Ryabinka kindergarten. Thank you very much to our dear parents who did not disappoint and found time to take part from our kindergarten in this event, these are the Rautkin family Andrey and Anastasia, Alexander Trunechkin, Tatyana Babadzhanova, Alexander Seliverstov, Yulia Avdeeva, of which 3 families were marked with gratitude for their active participation in socially significant events in the region and the promotion of family values.

... Read more "

On October 10, the Third City Beauty and Talent Contest "Our Mothers" was held at the Center for Cultural Development. Two wonderful mothers from our kindergarten took part - Yulia Avdeeva and Anastasia Rautkina, who became winners in their nominations - "At the beginning of the journey" and "Mother of many children"

In the fall of leaves, bright,
What a miracle, we ask? -
For gifts rich
The season is autumn.
On October 31, the festival "At the Ball at Autumn" took place. It is cloudy and cold outside, there is not enough solar heat, and a warm, friendly atmosphere reigned in our hall. Fairy-tale characters came to visit the children: Kikimora, Baba Yaga, Soroka, and the autumn beauty herself dropped in on our holiday, brought gifts: apples, vegetables. The children were looking forward to meeting with the fall. Together with the Autumn, the pupils went on an exciting journey to the autumn forest and to the garden.
At the holiday, children reincarnated in different characters: in a hedgehog, a squirrel, a wolf, a rabbit, a dragonfly sang songs, performed dances, played funny games, guessed autumn riddles, recited poems, and walked under umbrellas.
A holiday in a kindergarten is always amazing miracles, magical colors, ringing laughter of pupils, a sea of ​​smiles and fun. Although they say that autumn is a dull time, the children of K. Read more "

On October 30, 2019, a wonderful event took place in our kindergarten - "Come on, grandmothers!", "Come on, grandfathers!" Dedicated to Grandparents Day!
Time rushes inexorably forward, and we try on different roles: children, parents, and then grandmothers and grandfathers.
Children, together with their educators Shepileva V.V., Chikineva T.G., Dozorova G.A., prepared poems, songs, dances and funny contests for their beloved grandparents.
The holiday ended with a common dance of adults and children. At the end of the holiday, a "sweet table" was organized. The joint tea-drinking caused a lot of positive emotions.
We wish you health, fun of the soul, optimism and joy. May every day be beautiful, fragrant, bright, tender, kind and wonderful, like a blooming spring garden, like a summer sea breeze, like an autumn colorful forest, like a winter fairy tale.

"Gifts of Autumn": Autumn matinee for the senior group of the preschool educational institution

"Extracurricular activities and additional education in childhood period in preschool educational institution"

My pedagogical initiative The point is that children can easily, skillfully and with pleasure switch to different types of activities with help, with playing a fascinating journey, which is closely intertwined with the desire to be real hardworking helpers and at the same time remain connoisseurs of beauty and everything on earth.

Form of performance: matinee for older preschool children.

A fascinating journey to the autumn forest and to the village to the garden captures children's imagination and attention, and children are happy to immerse themselves in the wonderful autumn world of colors.

  • To cultivate love for through the nature of a children's matinee dedicated to the time to consolidate
  • year and expand children's ideas about the autumn nature of phenomena through their expressive performance of dances, songs, poems, games
  • develop musically - the ability of creative children, support emotionally - positive contribute
  • the mood to reveal the creative abilities of children, a sense of the development of teamwork, the ability to work in a team

  • Tasks of children to expressively perform songs, tell poems, dance on stage
  • to form a communicative feeling, skills of mutual assistance, to develop creativity, to nurture a careful attitude towards nature.

  1. Autumn, Host - adults
  2. Potatoes, Peas, Onions, children - Cabbage.

Matinee's course.

The phonorecording of the "Autumn Song" from "The Four Seasons" by P.I. Tchaikovsky. Children enter the hall and stand in a semicircle.

Again again, autumn birds
To fly to a warm land again,
And the autumn holiday is in a hurry
A kindergarten comes to us!

For the autumn holiday, the guys have prepared, tell us, poems, please.

A rain fell on the bunches of mountain ash,
Maple leaf circling over autumn
Oh, by the ground, again you took us by surprise
And I put on a gold outfit again.

A flock of birds flies away, clouds rush, sobbing.

Fine brushes and rowan asters,
Chrysanthemum bushes and bunches of maples.
And from the viburnum leaves to us, like letters by Yourself,
fly covering our beloved garden!

In the child's hall we will arrange
Real leaf fall.
Let the leaves spin
And they fly, they fly, they fly.

The "Song of LEAVES" of Muses FALL. M.Kraseva.

autumn Walks along the path,
I wet my legs in the puddles.
rains are pouring and there is no skylight.
The child is lost somewhere.

The birdhouse is empty, the birds flew away,
trees on the Leaves, too, does not sit.
All day today everyone is flying, flying ...
Apparently, they also want to fly to Africa.

Dance "Autumn Leaves". Children bow and sit down.

Leading: Guys, in the morning the postman Pechkin came to the kindergarten in our kindergarten and incredibly 2 brought colorfully painted letters, let's read them and open them!

“Hello, little residents of the Kalinka children's garden! Granny Agafya from the village Craft is writing to you. It's already autumn in the yard, and my garden is full of unharvested vegetables. My dears, help my grandmother to harvest! "

Guys, can we help Agafya? grandmother Then let's not hesitate and go to Everything!

the way the children get up in a train and "ride" under the circle "Song of Friends" by M. Starokadomsky from the movie "Travelers Merry". Children come out - Vegetables, behind their backs they are holding caps of vegetables. The presenter draws all the attention of the children to 4 released "vegetables".

Leading: Who. Hello are you?

Vegetables: We are Vegetables from Granny Agafia's garden.

Leading: Then take us to Vegetables.

garden: With pleasure! Just guess about the riddles of us.

Potato: The bush has grown both green and dense in the garden, dig a little: under the bush ...

Potato: Children! (the child puts on a potato hat).

hot: The sun has dried on the Peas, and their pods are torn ...

Peas: Children! (the child puts on a pea cap).

I will make: A bow to cry everyone around, even though I am not Children, but ...

brawler: Bow! (the child puts on the Cabbage cap).

Luke: I was born to glory, my head is white, Who. kudryava loves cabbage soup - look for me in them!

Cabbage: Children! (the child puts on a cabbage cap).

Everything: Leading you vegetables are important! And we really need them all!

Guys, I propose to invite all our friendly round dance to vegetables!

SONG-CHOIRMAN "COLLECT HARVEST" Muses. And Filippenko. DThe children sit down, take off the vegetables.

Leading: How fun and singing you are, and now let's work.


Children are divided into 2 teams of 5 people each. In the center hall, the "first" children lay out hoops-beds to the music, the "second" plant vegetables, "water" third vegetables, the "fourth" pick vegetables, "clean up" the fifth hoops-beds. The team that makes it faster wins. The game is repeated 2 Lead.

times: So we helped grandmother Agafya, everyone gathered vegetables and cleaned the garden. But we still have one more letter, let us dear ones.

“Let's read it guys! I invite you to my magical forest! Here I painted all the leaves in different colors, red, yellow, orange, brown, I water the ground with rain so that a lot of berries and mushrooms grow. The forest is incredibly beautiful! Come, we will admire together! ". (For children) Guys, this is the same invitation from the Queen of Autumn! Accept this, if not the invitation, then hesitate! Let's hurry!

They are going in a circle "under" the locomotive "The Song of Friends" by M. Starokadomsky from the movie "The Merry Travelers." To the sounds of the forest enters, Autumn, dancing and distributes two twigs to the children.

I am the golden autumn
My bow to you, bows! (friends)
For a long time already I have dreamed of meeting with love me.
Are you yours when I come?(children answer)
I bring beauty everywhere.
Look, into the golden, crimson Slid
forest golden ray of sunshine from heaven,
And on the carpet the earth lies golden,
As soon as you see this in the fall.

Leading: We are very glad to visit you, dear Autumn! Our guys have prepared poems for you, listen, child.

7th please:

The leaves flew away after the bird's red.
I miss the flock of autumn day after day.
the sky is sad, the sun is discouraged ...
It is a pity that a warm autumn does not last long.

Coins fall from yellow branches,
There is a whole It under your feet!
golden autumn treasure gives leaves, not golden,
counting gives leaves to you and us, and in a row to everyone.

10th child:

And winter will come to us
We will not start
discouraged round dance -
We remember autumn.

Leading: Autumn Dear, we want to give you a song called "Autumn round dance".

SONG "Autumn Muses" round dance. E. Kuryachy. Children sing, and to lose, they perform various movements with twigs. At the end of the song, the children sit on chairs and put each twigs under the chair.

Fall: Thanks guys for you. And I prepared a song for riddles. Do you like riddles? Listen carefully!

In the fall, he is often needed -
If the rain hits the puddles,
If the sky is black for,
He is our best helper in the clouds.
Cut it over you
And arrange a canopy for yourself!

September and October
There are so many of them in the yard!
The rain has passed - has left them,
Medium, large, small.

The cold scares them so
They fly away to warm countries
Singing is not fun, they can.
Who gathered in flocks? ...

Who stands on a strong leg
In the brown leaves by the path?
A hat of grass rose,
under No head cap.

Well done: Autumn, all my riddles have been guessed! Do you want to play in my forest?


Children are tied to two drivers. eyes - "mushrooms" (4 children) run around the hall merry to the music. If there is a "fly agaric" (4 children), the child-spectators shout: "Don't take it!" Whoever wins, he will "collect" more in a certain time. We play. mushrooms 2 times with different driving and "mushrooms".

How: Autumn you played together and merrily!

Leading: Autumn Dear, it's time for us to go back to the nursery, go to the garden, parting with us, dance together our favorite dance "Invitation".

Fall: With pleasure.

"Dance" invitation (Ukrainian folk melody)

It's fun to play with you,
Songs to sing and dance.
thank you all for you
And I give you gifts.

(Autumn gives a basket of apples, gives it to the educators).

Guys: Host, thank our dear Autumn for fragrant and sweet gifts.

Autumn time has flown by
They are waiting for us to part.
it's time for me to worry,
Goodbye, Autumn!

(the kids wave their hand and the sound leaves the forest, making a circle).

Leading: Well, we guys will hurry back to kindergarten in order to be in time for Going!

("Supper" to the music one circle).

You: Did the host like our trip?

Here is: The host, we visited the autumn forest near the Queen's Autumn itself, helped our grandmother pick vegetables. Agafya's holiday is over.

(Children become the "leader" behind the locomotive and "leave" to the cheerful music.)

1. Magazine "Musical Director"

2. Magazine "Palette Musical"

3. Kaplunova I., Novoskoltseva I. "Every senior holiday" (day group). St. Petersburg, 2012.

Vereshchagin: Author Victoria Alekseevna, musical director Kalinka №28 "MBDOU", Surgut, Tyumen region. Pedagogical position given in the seniority: 1 year.

Autumn holidays in kindergartens

How she pleased our preschool children - in our review of autumn holidays in kindergartens.

Autumn is an amazing time.Nature sums up the summer: plants wither, animals stock up on supplies for the long winter days, birds fly away to warmer regions. The golden time is coming ...

18 october in MADOU Nizhnetavdinsk kindergarten "Rosinka" was held the autumn holiday "Autumn fun". Forest dwellers came to visit the children: a squirrel, a bear, a mushroom, a hare and, of course, Autumn was the main guest! Together with the fairy-tale characters, the guys danced, sang funny songs, recited poems, and participated in various competitions. The atmosphere of a kind fairy tale reigned at the matinee. Children got a lot of impressions for the whole day.

The author of the message: the educator of the younger group Babaeva Zilia Zinnurovna

October 15-19 in kindergarten "Sun" of the Uvat municipal district in all age groups there were holidays dedicated to autumn. Throughout the week, perky ditties were heard from the music hall, songs in which children glorified autumn. And in response, "Autumn" treated the children with gifts grown during this wonderful time of the year. Throughout the holidays, the fairytale heroes played with the children, amused and presented them with various surprises. Even the smallest pupils of the kindergarten prepared and learned poems for the beautiful "Autumn".

Children of the senior and preparatory groups for school were very pleased with their performance - dances, songs, playing musical instruments performed by the children did not leave indifferent any of the guests.

Even if it was cloudy and rainy outside, in our kindergarten all these days they did not notice, only the best was sung about autumn, from the sonorous children's laughter it became warm and joyful for everyone present at the holidays.

The material was prepared by the senior educator N.V. Stroeva

In the kindergarten "Rodnichok" from the village of Armizonskoe in honor of the sorceress Autumn, a real holiday was arranged with songs, dances, games, poetry. Any time of the year is wonderful - you just need to be able to enjoy it.

The cheerful characters Caterpillar and the Worm, with their jokes and jokes, brought a cheerful mood into the atmosphere of the holiday, a desire to compete in the knowledge of autumn signs, proverbs, and sayings.

Even the Ataman with his robbers and the housewife Kuzya participated in gambling and solved the riddles of the charming Scheherazade and the wise old man Hottabych. Of course, any holiday in kindergarten ends with some kind of surprise, but when Hottabych, having conjured, pulled out a whole bunch of chocolates from his hat instead of flowers from his hat, the children were amazed.

But even more admiration was caused by the parcel with toys, which came from Scheherazade the day after the holiday. “Scheherazade sent this to us and we will take great care of them. And she also promised us to come up with a new fairy tale ”- said to each child who came to the group.

The author of the report: Bashkireva E.I.

In kindergarten "Bear" s.p. Cheuskino, Nefteyugansk region, in the "Romashka" group, an event was held on interaction between the preschool educational institution and parents. The "Autumn Cellar" entertainment was organized.

So the time has passed for a beautiful, golden, fruitful and hardworking autumn. It's time to take stock: how they worked to remember what the cellars were filled with. And whoever has worked well will have a good rest. Educator Borisova Olga Vladimirovna and children of the second junior group "Romashka", under the guidance of the musical director Azanova Lyudmila Vitalievna, invited their parents to the "Autumn Cellar" entertainment.

Children, in songs and dances, round dance games, praised potatoes and other vegetables.

Together with the children and their parents, they remembered how they harvested potatoes through the “Gather Your Harvest” competition. In such a merry work, there were no tired ones. Potatoes were also presented to the nurse in handicrafts. Each family made a presentation for their creative work. For this, they used poems, riddles, songs, fairy tales of their own composition.

The tale "The Turnip", performed by the parents, delighted the children, maybe because they saw them from a different, creative side.

Well, what a holiday without the "Potato" itself. Of course, she came to us, brought refreshments, praised the children for their knowledge of dishes from "Mr. Potato" himself. And finally, a friendly dance.

Our hand-made articles have been added to the exhibition - "GIFTS OF AUTUMN!"

Parents, children of our group, are ready to cooperate.

The event was prepared and conducted by: educator of the II category, Borisova Olga Vladimirovna, musical director of the highest category, Azanova Lyudmila Vitalievna.

Autumn, how many poems have been written about you, pictures written, games invented. Here are the guys of the preparatory group MADOU d / s138 of the city of Tyumen, decided to meet Autumn in an unusual way, but in a sporty way!

Autumn knocked at kindergarten 138!

How to meet, spend, how to surprise the autumn!

And the children decided to invite the 153rd garden!

We live in the neighborhood, we will spend a holiday together!

Everyone first sat down to a presentation about Autumn and watched,

They answered questions, and looked for mushrooms in the forest!

The paintings were admired as the leaves were soaked in the sun.

We have guessed all the riddles that grows in our beds.

Which vegetables with mustaches, which ones with red noses.

What berries are in the forest, what squirrels are drying for a bitch.

Who loves to sleep in a den, suck a sweet paw!

Who stores food and removes everything from the fields.

We are funny guys, together, we live in kindergartens,
And we are not afraid of the rain, we will start the competition!

Apparently we can't wait out the rain - we'll go for a walk anyway,
I will give everyone an umbrella, and the rain is not terrible for us!

If it rains, it won't wet us,
We will put on one galoshes on our legs!

Everything in the fall in the beds.
Matters: tasty, sweet!
Don't yawn and collect
Our autumn harvest!

In the fields, in the gardens.
There is a lot of work there today.
And the potatoes are ripe!

There is a cloud in the sky oh-oh-oh!
Everyone is running, in a hurry to go home.
I'm the only one who laughs
I'm not afraid of the black cloud.
Rain and thunder are not afraid of me,
I'm pumping watermelons into the house!

We dress instructors in "scarecrows"!

The harvest was gathered together, there is no need to starve in winter!

That's how well done autumn, I visited at once,

The report was prepared by the physical education instructor Manikina Anna Borisovna.

October 26 in MAUDO Novoseleznevsky kindergarten "Bell" the "Feast of the Queen of Autumn" took place. An elegantly decorated hall, parents, educators, workshops transformed into stage "autumn" images, poems and songs performed by children, as well as exciting games did not leave indifferent any of the participants in the festive action.

Within the framework of the celebration, there was also an exhibition of works by children of the middle, senior and preparatory groups - "Gifts of Autumn", which presented children's handicrafts made from natural materials. The variety and originality of children's works presented at the exhibition amazed the imagination, once again proving the spontaneity and creativity of preschoolers and their parents.

Material prepared by: educator of the I junior group Kauka Yu.V.

IN MAUDO "Kindergarten No. 5" of the city of Yalutorovsk children made fascinating journeys through the autumn forest, vegetable garden, garden.

The owner of the forest - Leshy introduced him to the rules of behavior in the forest, helped to remember the names of mushrooms, collect them in baskets and find out which of them are edible and which are poisonous.

In the vegetable garden, they finished harvesting, sorted and stored vegetables and fruits

Beauty Autumn brought bright leaves with which the children danced and then turned into a sweet treat.

The smallest children played with Cockerel, sang songs to him, recited poetry, chased the cloud away and hid under an umbrella.

Children repeated the signs of autumn, remembered proverbs about work, sang autumn songs.

Authors of the report: musical directors Ulyanova Svetlana Nikolaevna, Podlesnaya Natalya Vladimirovna

Autumn meetings

November is a traditional time for autumn holidays in kindergartens. The musical directors are faced with a difficult task - to make the annual holiday memorable, different from the previous ones, to find that zest that will delight the kids, inspire in them a desire for new meetings with fairy-tale characters.

Despite the fact that for more than a month there has been snow in our city, kids MADOU "Rosinka" Noyabrsk with great pleasure we met once again with the beautiful Autumn, who was generous with surprises and gifts for all the children. She played funny games with the children, reconciled the quarreling vegetables, danced with her assistants - "mushrooms". Our guys rejoiced, dancing with "golden leaves" that fell from a magic tree, played merrily with warm rain, hiding under multi-colored umbrellas.

This year, in the fall, the children of the older groups decided to show their creative ideas to the children of the younger groups and prepared small theatrical scenes. Forest dwellers - "bunnies", "bears", funny "squirrels" and thorny "hedgehogs", who made supplies for the winter, performed before the kids. Little artists sang autumn songs, recited poems, made riddles, and also said that the fly agaric, although a beautiful fungus, is very poisonous.

At the end of the matinees, each group received gifts from Autumn - baskets with ruddy apples with wishes to be just as cheerful and healthy.

Authors: Oksana Emelyanovna Mikhailichenko and Lyudmila Borisovna Murzina, musical directors of the Rosinka MADOU of the municipal formation of the city of Noyabrsk.

Video clip from Tyunevsky kindergarten "Ladushki" concludes our autumn report.

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Autumn Festival scenario in the senior group

The scenario of the autumn holiday in the senior group of kindergarten

The script of the autumn holiday in kindergarten

Scenario of the autumn holiday for senior preschoolers "Invincible Scarecrow"


Models of fruits or vegetables for each child - cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, potatoes, sandbags, a bag of vegetables and fruits, wooden spoons, two toy saucepans, loaf phonogram of the melody of the Russian folk song "Whether in the garden or in the garden" against the background of village sounds.


The hall is a vegetable garden - beds, bushes on the central wall - an autumn birch tree, a smiling cloud.

Estonian dance "Cheerful children"

The girl came to visit us.

Round dance game "Hello, autumn!" E. Tilicheeva

Leading... Thank you, autumn, for your gifts. Now let's all look at the garden together, look at the autumn gifts.

The phonogram of sounds of the village sounds (voices of domestic animals, croaking of crows against the background of the sound of the melody of the Russian folk song "Whether in the garden or in the garden").

The Garden Scarecrow (an adult, dressed in a patched jacket and a straw hat) enters the room.

Scarecrow... Shoo! Shoo! Look, the crows are getting excited! Shoo! (Notices the children.) Oh! Hello! What are you doing here? BUT? Why are you silent? I'm asking you? What are you doing here? After all, I am in the civil service here - I guard the garden. And you, probably, some kind of excursion? Will you ruin my garden? (Answers of the children.) Well, then stay. Oh, and I forgot to introduce myself. Do you know who I am? I am a Scarecrow, and my surname is Ogorodnoye.

Leading... Hello, Scarecrow Ogorodnoe! Do you want us to tell everyone how good you are?

Scarecrow. I still want to!

Watching the crows in the sky.

And one hundred orders of burdock.

- Bad jokes with this uncle, -

Scarecrow... Right! If not for me, crows and hares have ruined the whole garden. And what is not in my garden: (bends his fingers) there is no melon, no pineapple, no bananas either. But there are vegetables, and guess which ones!

You can only hear: crunch and crunch!

Here our fire burns brightly,

Himself, like a pig, the tail is a hook.

Dance to the Song of Rains by I. Ponomareva

Scarecrow... Thanks to the rain! He watered the beds well, look what vegetables have grown on them.

Children-"vegetables" are seated in the beds. The scarecrow points at them with his hand.

Then the children stage a poem by P. Sinyavsky.

A suspicious noise smelled:

Three "ghost" boys appear in turn.

The second - with glasses and a cowboy shirt,

The boys, stealthily, begin to make their way to the beds.

And now someone's sneakers

They hurry to the cucumber garden.

The poor little radish is wailing.

Even the pumpkin is scared.

The scarecrow blows the trumpet. Vegetables squat, as if hiding in the beds.

Beetles march through the beds

Worms crawl on their bellies,

Mosquitoes. Hooray!

Scarecrow... Two hundred seventy three mosquitoes.

The boys are stepped on, marching and buzzing, beetles. Worms creep up to them, frightening. Mosquitoes "fly" and itch all around.

The ghosts retreat in panic

They roll head over heels into retreat,

And among the garlic and parsley

Frogs prepared for battle.

Frogs (advancing). Kva-kva!

Scarecrow... Attack!

The pot was pressed on my forehead,

The scarecrow rakes the floor with a rake. The boys run away.

And the ghosts rushed home

Correct your behavior.

Scarecrow... Look, guys, what a great harvest we saved from robbers! Come on, vegetables, tell us about yourself!

Children - "vegetables" stand on the beds to their full height, each of the "vegetables" tells about himself a poem by T. Shorygina.

Tail with a thin curl,

There is something for everyone here,

Round dance "Harvest" A. Filippenko

The scarecrow sprinkles vegetables and fruits (dummies) into the hoop.

The game "Who is most likely to take a vegetable or fruit" is held. To the dance music, children dance, including the familiar movements of the Russian dance in the dance, with the end of the sound, each child picks up one vegetable or fruit from the floor.

Children sit down with vegetables and fruits. Next, the Scarecrow gives the children tasks.

He will name useful products -

Children who have picked up cucumbers come up to the Scarecrow and try to find out by touch what vegetables and fruits are in his bag.

Children who picked up tomatoes from the floor choose illustrations for themselves and, after listening to the Scarecrow's riddle, raise a picture corresponding to the answerat.

And, as on wings, he flies,

And he himself will not drown in the river,

Fallen yellow. (leaflet).

The children are dancing, and the father is angry.

The presenter puts an "apple" (a bag of sand) on the heads of the participants and invites the children to dance the "Yablochko" dance without getting up from the chair. If the bag falls from the head, the player is eliminated from the competition.

Relay "Who will cook potatoes faster"

Children who raised potatoes are divided into 2 teams. Each participant puts their potatoes in a spoon. Two pots are placed at a distance of 3-4 m from the teams. The players take turns running up to the pot and lowering the potato from the spoon into it, trying not to drop it. The first team to complete the task wins.

Tired of the Scarecrow to stand in the garden,

Come out with us, Scarecrow, play.

French folk game "Scarecrow"

The scarecrow invites children to the group to taste the loaf.

Craft from natural material for kindergarten. DIY basket "Gifts of Autumn". Master class with step by step photos

Master class. Craft from natural material. Basket "Gifts of Autumn"

Author: Eliseeva Tamara Vladimirovna, educator, MBDOU "Fairy Tale", p. Shipunovo, Altai Territory

The master class is designed for preschool children, parents and other teachers.

Purpose: the basket will be a wonderful holiday gift or interior decoration.

To acquaint the participants of the competition with an example of the creative use of natural materials

To interest parents and children in joint activities

· To acquaint with the technique of making a souvenir - a basket "Gifts of Autumn"

· Develop fine motor skills, fantasy and imagination of preschool children.

Autumn time gives us a huge amount of natural material, which is unique for children's creativity.The "Gifts of Autumn" basket, made together with children, will be a wonderful decoration for any interior, as well as a wonderful gift for any occasion. Making a variety of crafts using natural materials is an interesting and exciting activity that develops children's imagination and imagination, respect and love for nature, dexterity at work, as well as fine motor skills of the hands.

For work we need:

Rowan and snowberry berries

Craft making process:

1. We sculpt the shape of a basket from plasticine.

2. Separate the scales from the cedar cones and cover the plasticine base of the basket with them.

3. We take two branches of birch, weave them together and attach them to the base of the basket.

4. We cover the scales and the handle of the basket with varnish, let the varnish dry.

5. We take the berries of mountain ash and snowberry. The rowan berry will be the middle of the flower; we attach petals to it with the help of small short thin twigs of birch - the berries of the snowberry.

We attach a stem to the finished flower - a birch twig. It turns out a flower.

6. We decorate the basket with spruce twigs, rowan twigs and ready-made flowers. It turns out an original craft - a basket "Gifts of Autumn".

The next holiday "Gifts of Autumn - 2012" took place - garden and vegetable garden - the site of the educator, speech therapist, defectologist, music director, methodologist, physical education instructor, parent. We offer teachers assistance in certification.
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Winner of the All-Russian competition "The most popular article of the month" October 2016

Children of the younger group enter the hall to the music and sit on high chairs. Behind them enter the children of the middle group and stand in a semicircle.

1 child of the middle group:
Autumn again outside the window
The rain is pouring in peas
Leaves are falling, rustling,
How good autumn is!

2 children of the middle group:
The leaves are embroidered with gold
The paths are washed with rain,
Mushrooms in bright hats
Everything to us, Autumn, you give!

3 children of the middle group:
Each leaf is golden -
Small sunny -
I'll put it in a basket
I'll put it on the bottom.

4 children of the middle group:
I take care of the leaves
Autumn continues!
Long, long with me
The holiday does not end!

"A Simple Song" Lyrics m music by E. Shalamonova (middle group)
(To the music, the children sit down in their places)
It walks everywhere - autumn wanders,
Here are foliage and poplar dropped.
Look - the cheeks of the mountain ash turned red,
Yellow leaves flew onto the path.

"Dance of Autumn Leaves" Muses. A. Filippenko (younger group)

(To the music, the children sit down in their places)
Oh guys, quieter, quieter!
I hear something strange.
Someone is in a hurry to visit us
And it seems to rustle.

Music sounds and the Scarecrow appears in the hall.

I dress out of fashion
I have been standing for the whole century, as if on a clock,
Whether in a garden, in a field-garden,
I scare the flocks.

That's who it turns out to be guarding our garden all summer.

Scarecrow: Yes, it's me, Scarecrow! Hello guys! Where are my vegetables?

Children of vegetables from the middle group come out to recite poetry.

Green pea:
Everyone knows how good
I am green peas.
All dishes are decorated with me
And they respect it for that.
I'm fresh and crisp.
I am a real cucumber.
I was green in the garden,
I'll become salty in the jar.

A tomato.
I am a very important signor,
Ripe, sweet tomato.
Red, juicy and smooth.
I treat everyone, guys,
Who drinks my tomato juice,
Doesn't get sick for a whole year.

And I, juicy cabbage,
I am proud of vitamins.
In stuffed cabbage, borscht, salads
I will certainly come in handy.
And what are delicious
My cabbage soup!

I am an onion from all diseases.
I guys are the most helpful.
Although I'm bitter, it doesn't matter.
You need to eat me always

No lunch without potatoes
No roast, no okroshka.
Everyone respects potatoes
Who among you doesn't know me?

We are all from the garden bed,
Remember us, guys.

Rich in vitamins
And all the guys need us!

(Children from the middle group sit down).
Scarecrow: This is the harvest! I did a good job, I scattered all the birds. It's time to harvest the harvest. Well, can you help to reap the harvest?

Game "Harvest" (groups play in turns).

(Children come out - vegetables from the younger group)
And what are these little vegetables?
I'm a zucchini, fat man,
Golden barrel,
I'm on your site
Another newbie.
I'm a carrot to everyone's wonder
And blush and beautiful.

Host: (turns to vegetables) If you want my friend, we will sing about zucchini and about a carrot for a friend.
Song "Zucchini" music and lyrics by Z. Root (younger group)
Scarecrow: Guys, I completely forgot, today is a holiday. Today is autumn's birthday. Let's call her to us and celebrate her birthday with her.
A child from the younger group:
Autumn, Autumn, waiting for you
Celebrate birthday.
Come to us soon.
The holiday will be more fun.
(Autumn comes to the music)
I hear, I hear and I hurry
I want to please you.
After all, today I have
Birthday friends!

We know about the birthday
And congratulations are ready.
We will celebrate the holiday
Let's sing and dance!

Dance "Stamp my foot" (middle group)

(The scarecrow leaves the hall during the dance)

Autumn: Oh yes, well done!
Mushrooms have grown
In my woods!
Well, mushrooms, come out
And show yourself to everyone!

Boys are running out - mushrooms.
1 child of the younger group:
Near the forest at the edge,
Decorating the dark forest
Grew up motley like Parsley,
Poisonous fly agaric.

2 children of the younger group:
Amanita is a beautiful mushroom,
Only very poisonous.
Moose only eat it
And at the same time they say:

3 children of the younger group:
Amanita - a medicinal mushroom,
He is poisonous to you.

Dance "Mukhomorchiki" music and lyrics by M. Kartushina (younger group)

1 child of the younger group:
Leaves are falling
Under the feet of passers-by.
Summer flowers
Disappear too.
2 children of the younger group:
Autumn along the path
Walking with the rain
Maples and mountain ash
Undresses quietly.
Is rain really bad?
Just put on your boots
And in them not only on the roads
And at least run through the puddles!

The song "Autumn has come" (singing by children of two groups).

Scarecrow: Fall, fall, look what I found! This is for you! Happy Birthday!

(holds out the Ladybug to Autumn)
Autumn: Oh, how beautiful! Thank you! Let's just let her go, it's time for her to sleep, because winter is coming.

Scarecrow: I tried so hard. I wanted you to have something bright, beautiful.

Presenter: Don't be upset, Scarecrow! Our guys know the song about the ladybug and her friends. We will give it to Autumn as a birthday present.

Song "On yellow leaves" music and lyrics by I. Osokina (middle group)

To make it more fun, we will invite more guests
Amicably, amicably we will call:
Guests, guests, we are waiting for you!

How many wooden dolls
Chubby and ruddy
They live in a kindergarten.
All are called Matryoshka.

Dance "Matreshechka" music and lyrics by N.Karavaeva (younger group)

We danced from the heart
Ah, the nesting dolls are good!

I have a basket in my hands
It contains autumn gifts
Everything I am rich in
Brought for the kids.
I will treat you
Celebrate your birthday!

(Autumn is giving out gifts).
That's all, it's time to go
Goodbye kids!

(Autumn and Scarecrow leave to the music)

Yakusheva Svetlana Sergeevna

musical director of the MDOU child development center - kindergarten number 34 "Zvezdochka", Serpukhov, Moscow region

Watch the video: Kαλό μου συννεφάκι,

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