Mother tincture propolis


Propolis is born thanks to the production of bees: for this reason, it is mainly made up of resinous components that bees are used to find and then collect on trees (in particular firs, birches and poplars) and which they then mix together with saliva and to the wax.

In order to extract the propolis it is necessary to pour the alcohol inside the walls of the hives, or to cause the bees to leave this components on sheets, from which it can subsequently be obtained more easily.

When using

There mother tincture of propolis it is used above all because of its remarkable beneficial properties in the field of phytotherapy and in the field of natural medicine.

In fact, the mother tincture of propolis it is characterized by having important healing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects, to the point of being a real natural antibiotic.

These properties must be ascribed, in particular, to the significant concentration of flavonoids within this compound.

The mother tincture of propolis is frequently used for the natural treatment of all those ailments that affect the oral cavity, specifically the sore throat, but also inflammatory states of the gums or tongue.

The beneficial effects of propolis mother tincture can also be exploited to counteract the presence of fungi and viruses: in particular, its topical use often occurs to combat herpes simplex and various fungal infections that affect the skin.

In any case, in most cases, the mother tincture of propolis is used for the treatment of diseases that typically arise during the autumn season (especially colds or flu), since it can guarantee a contrasting activity and elimination of all those harmful bacteria, not forgetting that the effects of the mother tincture of propolis are directly proportional to the degree of concentration inside it.

Among the advantages related to the use of this product, we certainly also find the fact of being able to carry out its antibacterial activity against a large number of pathogenic elements.

How to use

In the event that the choice of how to use propolis should fall on the mother tincture, then the most suitable dosage is between thirty and fifty drops, to be taken about two or three times every day.

The mother tincture of propolis can also frequently be used for gargling and rinsing (also in this case the recommended dosage is between thirty and forty drops), which have the purpose of effectively counteracting canker sores, gingivitis, pyorrhea, stomatitis and other inflammatory states of the oral cavity.

The methods of internal use, even in these last cases, follow the previous scheme, that is about twenty - thirty drops to be taken no more than three times during the day.


The beneficial action of propolis can certainly be compared to that of an antibiotic that works over a wide range.

It is a substance, in fact, that works against fungi and bacteria and its activity is carried out in relation to the presence of components that are active from a microbiological point of view.

The main substance contained within it is undoubtedly galangin, which can boast the role of antibiotic function: the higher the concentration of this component within the mother tincture of propolis, the greater the effectiveness of this product.

Propolis has the particularity of operating effectively on a good variety of viruses, such as the flu, but also that of herpes or colds.

It seems that the components present within propolis that allow such a beneficial action to take place are mainly flavonoids and vitamin C.


Bees use propolis in an extremely useful and frequent way inside their hives, even if the purposes are mainly two, that is an excellent building material and, secondly, a perfect antiseptic.

Propolis, in fact, is often used as a real sterilant for the hive: specifically, it is used for the sterilization of the cells that will then go to keep the eggs.

In other cases, however, the pia use propolis to make sure not to undergo the decomposition of all those animals that could have managed to enter the hive and which, following this discovery, were killed, but they appear to have an excessive weight to be able to transport them outside this construction.

The use and discovery of propolis really have particularly distant origins in time, up to more than six thousand years ago.

Numerous testimonies that have come down to us have allowed us to understand how the ancient Egyptian priests used propolis for mummification, while doctors used it for the treatment of all those ailments and infections that affected the skin, but also the respiratory system. and, finally, the wounds as well.

Propolis mother tincture: Propolis drops

One of the most used methods of taking propolis is in drops. Thanks to propolis in drops you can easily and quickly take this substance and receive in a short time all the benefits that propolis offers.

Propolis in drops can be taken with a drink, such as hot tea or hot water. The ideal when taking propolis in drops, if our ailment is in the throat and pharynx, is to gargle that let the propolis act on the entire surface of the oral cavity.

Another method of intake is the direct intake or through a food soaked in propolis such as a lump of sugar or dissolve the drops of propolis in a cup of hot milk.

Propolis mother tincture properties

There propolis mother tincture Boiron or of any other brand is a hydroalcoholic extract that is made by macerating the starting product in an alcoholic solvent. The ratio between the hydroalcoholic solution and the product is one to ten, while the maceration lasts about three weeks.

Propolis mother tincture: properties

There mother tincture of propolis he is appreciated for his antioxidant properties is anti-inflammatory, but it also boasts anesthetic and immunostimulating characteristics. For all these reasons it is considered to all intents and purposes a powerful natural antibiotic, even against the boils in the throat, exactly like natural propolis. Inside are the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin PP, vitamin E and flavonoids, as well as an antibiotic called galangin.

Why it is used

There mother tincture propolis can be used to speed up the healing from sore throat, but also as a natural antioxidant or for stimulate blood circulation among other things, it exerts a valuable protective action on fragile capillaries. In addition, it allows to purify the liver and counteracts stomach disorders, avoiding the most annoying problems of indigestion.

Doses and methods of use

Propolis mother tincture: herbal teas and infusions

For the propolis mother tincture posology varies according to the disorder that must be treated in general, however, for internal use, experts recommend using no less than 5 drops and no more than 30 per day, to be distributed throughout the day on two or three occasions. Once purchased the mother tincture propolis the doses can be dissolved directly in water, but also in a hot herbal tea, in a tea or in any other drink. Alternatively, you can decide to drop the drops directly on a teaspoon of honey.


For the mother tincture propolis contraindicationsthey only have to do with the alcohol content that characterizes it. It is also not recommended to take the tincture propolis in pregnancy or during breastfeeding, despite the fact that these are still very limited concentrations. Of course, those allergic to propolis cannot take or use even the mother tincture.

Product Details


A natural remedy to be used at any time of the day. The synergistic action of organic propolis and of local medicinal herbs restores healthy microbial activity.

Exclusive biological preparation: they are in fact used Propolis ed herbs ofSouth Tyrol, absolutely pure on which treatments with synthetic products are not carried out.

Organic PROPOLIS Mountain: mother tincture produced with Raw propolis from the happy bees that forage in the garden of Castelletto delle Erbe.

The Organic HERBS grown and harvested with great love in the Krauter Gold company. Sage, Mint and Thyme in mother tincture work in synergy with Propolis, increasing the beneficial effects:

  • Sagecold extraction
  • Mintcold extraction
  • thymecold extraction

With precious organic ingredients ofSouth Tyrol this propolis spray it is a truly effective natural remedy for all situations related to sore throat and you will always have a pleasant feeling of freshness in your mouth.

Also great for bad breath.

  • propylene glycol
  • added dyes (caramel)
  • preservatives
  • GMOs

Produced and packaged in Italy



Recommendations for use: 1/2 sprays 3/4 times a day.

Very useful in case of strong smells: tobacco, coffee, garlic, spices.

Warnings: Shake well before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.


Ingredients: ethyl alcohol *, water, propolis *, sage *, thyme *, mint *.

* from organic farming

Simple mother tincture of Propolis

Propolis is a natural substance produced by foraging bees and is considered the natural antibiotic par excellence for its many properties that make it a valuable ally for the body.

It is produced at the end of the summer season, when bees pick up a resinous substance in small loads from the buds of some plants, such as poplar and conifer trees.

The gluey substance extracted is used to protect and seal hives and to be then processed and modified through digestive processes. Propolis was used for therapeutic purposes thousands of years ago by ancient civilizations (Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians).

Numerous scientific researches have shown that propolis has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent remedy for numerous problems.

The mother tincture of propolis is a hydroalcoholic solution, obtained precisely from propolis, which finds numerous applications, both for external and internal use.

Here are some of the benefits of propolis:

  • In the form of sprays, drops or mother tincture, propolis can be used to heal wounds, as its substances accelerate the healing process, activating the metabolism of cells, increasing their proliferation and thus promoting repair processes. Some studies have shown its effectiveness against burns and pressure sores.
  • It can be used on canker sores, irritation of the oral mucosa, oral and genital herpes and mycosis (both for the healing action and for the antiviral and antifungal action), gingivitis, toothache and halitosis, boils or acne as it disinfects and promotes healing. It is also recommended to use it for rinsing and gargling after dental or oral surgery.
  • Propolis is particularly suitable for the treatment of flu symptoms such as sore throat, cold, tonsillitis and plaques, due to its antimicrobial action.
  • It is also used in cases of cystitis, inflammation of the urethra or prostate and to treat candida albicans infections.
  • Propolis is also widely used for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, including helicobacter pylori infection.

Thanks to its antifungal, antibacterial and healing properties, propolis tincture is also widely used in the treatment of warts.

Mother tincture - 60/100 ml glass bottle with dropper.

Contraindications of propolis and dosages

For administration read carefully the leaflet or follow the advice of the herbalist.

Do not assume in case of pregnancy, unless after consulting a doctor, because it is a product of bees and allergies to the principles could occur.

Furthermore, products with the presence of alcohol often contained in propolis sprays or syrups.

She has not contraindications, in normal dosages, for subjects diabetics.

If pure it does not create problems for the people celiacs not being composed of gluten.

Propolis and childhood leukemia

Due to a ministerial circular, Office XII, Food and Nutrition, dated 4 July 2002 relating to products containing bioflavonoids and a note from the General Directorate of Food who advised against its use in pregnancy, following a correlation between bioflavonoids and the increased frequency of childhood leukemia.

It was thought that propolis was also to be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it contains flavonoids among its active ingredients.

Curiosities about propolis

Propolis can be used to make a natural pesticide

In ancient Egypt, propolis was used in the mummification process.

Calories of propolis

100 g of propolis they bring about 16 Calories.

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Propolis, side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that propolis is considered one safe substance, it is good to pay more attention to some particular cases. First of all, the use of propolis is not recommended in pregnancy, breastfeeding and children under 3 years of age. Also, propolis could cause the appearance of side effects Which:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders and affections of the oral cavity in cases of high sensitivity to propolis.
  • Skin reactions and dermatitis in subjects allergic to propolis.


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