How to brew and drink hawthorn

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Nature gave mankind a great variety of plantswho feed, clothe, warm and heal. In this article, we will look at the beneficial properties of hawthorn. How to brew and drink it.

It is very important to properly dispose of the gifts of nature. Then the plants will support our immunity, help improve our health, and calm the nervous system.

Among not only beautiful, but also extremely useful, a special place is occupied by a permanent resident of orchards and vegetable gardens - hawthorn.

More often it is cultivated as an excellent decorative culture. Delicate white inflorescences make the garden solemn in spring. During the summer, the plant looks noble as a green hedge.

In the fall, the dull autumn landscape is painted with hanging tassels of bright red berries with tiny crowns at the bottom.

Healthier than rose hips

Not everyone is familiar with the healing properties of hawthorn, but every piece of this noble tree can benefit... Knowing about the beneficial properties, people have been growing cultivated varieties since the 16th century, constantly improving its varietal characteristics.

In terms of the amount of vitamins, hawthorn fruits surpass the well-known rose hips.

Flavonoids it contains help neutralize free radicals and strengthen blood vessels.

Quercitin is an excellent antioxidant or has anticancer properties. Hyperozide - improves oxygen metabolism. Pectins remove toxic accumulations and metal salts from the body.

A wide range of organic acids, vitamins, essential oils, trace elements (magnesium, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, phosphorus, etc.) contained in the inflorescences and fruits of hawthorn, makes it a full-fledged ingredient in medicines.

In folk medicine, a respectful attitude as a calming, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agent, relieves stress, strengthens blood vessels and heals wounds.

Use beneficial properties at home you can by cooking:

  • tea;
  • broth;
  • tinctures.

The program “Live Healthy!” Will tell you about the beneficial properties of hawthorn:

Collection of raw materials

Fruit... The maximum level of nutrient content accumulates with the onset of the first autumn frosts. Harvesting is best done from late September to early October. They are dried at a temperature not higher than 50-60 degrees.

Flowers... Given the short flowering time, the collection of flowers must be carried out within 2-3 days, on a dry hike. The inflorescences are carefully cut, avoiding squeezing the petals.

For drying, they are laid out in a dark, well-ventilated room.

Leaves... Harvested in early spring before or during flowering. Suitable clean, green, without additional inclusions, not damaged by pests or diseases. It is allowed to cut or tear off the leaves with a part of the petiole.

Bark... Better separates from wood in the spring when the sap begins to move. Harvesting is carried out from young plants or shoots. Ring cuts are made to the wood and the strips are peeled off.

The procurement of raw materials is carried out in dry weather, away from sources of pollution: roads, livestock and industrial enterprises.

Store in glass jars, paper bags or canvas bags in dry, dark, ventilated places not accessible to insects.

Shelf life is limited: leaves, like flowers - 1 year, fruits - up to 2 years.

How to brew tea correctly

Leaves and flowers are used to brew tea.... In its pure form, hawthorn is brewed less often than using mixtures with black or green tea, and other medicinal herbs.

For prevention purposes, hawthorn can make up a quarter of the collection, for strengthening and healing - half or more.

To maximize the benefits of the drink, you need to remember that when using boiling water, some of the beneficial properties may die. The most favorable temperature for brewing is up to 85 degrees.

In the teapot

Hawthorn flower tea is brewed like standard black tea... To do this, use a glass or porcelain teapot, which is pre-scalded with boiling water.

The mixture is poured into a preheated kettle, poured with boiling water, closed with a lid, To preserve heat, the kettle is covered with a towel.

General strengthening:

  • 1 part dried hawthorn flowers;
  • 1 part black leaf tea.

Warm up the kettle, pour 1 cup boiling water over 2 tbsp. tablespoons of the mixture of the resulting mixture and leave for 2-3 minutes, and then strain. You can add honey or lemon.


  • 1 part hawthorn flowers;
  • 1 part motherwort;
  • 1 part mint;
  • 1 part hop cones.

1 cup boiling water, pour 1 tbsp. the resulting mixture, leave for 15-20 minutes, then strain. Drink in the evening before bed.

For heartburn:

  • 1 part hawthorn flowers;
  • 1 part peppermint

1 tsp mixture for 1 glass of boiling water, leave for about 15-20 minutes.

In a thermos

Use for brewing a thermos allows you to preserve a maximum of nutrients... The thermos retains heat for a long time, which makes it possible not to grind the ingredients.

If flowers and leaves can be brewed in a teapot, then the fruits as a whole will give up their beneficial substances only with prolonged infusion.

Our actions:

  • rinse the thermos with boiling water;
  • we fall asleep the collection, we lay the whole fruits;
  • pour boiling water into a thermos;
  • leave it open for 5-10 minutes;
  • close the lid and insist for at least 3 hours.

For 750 ml of water, use about 20 whole fruits or collect according to the recipe.

Convenient to refill a thermos at nightto get well infused tea in the morning. Below are examples of recipes for using a thermos.

Calming: take 1 part of dried hawthorn berries, willow-herb, a couple of sprigs of mint. Pour the collection into a thermos and pour 250-300 ml of boiling water. Insist at least 3 hours.

The resulting tea is necessary consume one hour before bedtime... Before serving, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey.

To improve digestion: take in a 1: 1: 1 ratio of dried hawthorn berries, walnut partitions and black tea leaves. 3 tbsp. pour spoons of the mixture with 1 liter of boiling water and leave in a thermos for at least 30 minutes.

Heart tea: prepare the collection: for 100 g of black tea, for 2 tbsp. spoons of hawthorn and rosehip fruits, 1 tbsp. spoon of mint, 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Brew a tablespoon of the resulting mixture daily for 1 liter of boiling water.

How to brew a collection of hawthorn

Harvesting hawthorn is used to prepare decoctions... As an example: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of collection is poured over 200 g of boiling water and simmered over low heat until the volume of liquid is reduced by 2 times. Used in the treatment of arrhythmias.

Chopped fruits, flowers, or other ingredients are filled not with hot, but with cold water... Then the container is placed in a water bath, kept for 30 minutes, and then filtered.

How to drink teas and decoctions: rules

Tea and decoction recipes contain a specific set of ingredients and preparation methods for each disease or purpose.

In the treatment of arrhythmias, angina pectoris, to lower cholesterol levels, decoctions are prepared and taken 1 teaspoon before meals 3 times a day.

With hypertension 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried berries is poured with 1 glass of water and kept for 1.5-2 hours in an oven or other warm place. Take 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.

For the treatment of nervous disorders and stress 1 tbsp. a spoonful of fruit, filled with 250-300 ml of boiling water, insist for 2 hours at room temperature. Take before meals for 2 tbsp. spoons.

Medicinal teas, on the other hand, are consumed after meals. If the addition of sugar or honey is required, then this is done after making the tea.

Tea should be drunk 2 hours after eating; it is not recommended to use it on an empty stomach. You should not drink tea with cold water, so as not to cause intestinal colic.

The presence of fructose in the composition allows the use of hawthorn to persons with diabetes mellitus.

The long-term effect of the application does not come immediately, but after 30-40 days. With this in mind, the drugs better to take courses.

Who is contraindicated to take

Hawthorn is not used for individual intolerance or allergic reaction, increased blood clotting.

Due to the property of lowering blood pressure, hawthorn persons suffering from hypotension it is used only for general strengthening purposes in a minimal dosage or not at all.

Hawthorn is not recommended pregnant and lactating women.

Excessive consumption of hawthorn tea can lead to dizziness and nausea.

Despite the many useful properties, decoctions, teas and tinctures based on hawthorn do not cancel the use of medicines in the treatment of diseases.

It is necessary to consult a doctor, in order to correctly determine the methods and dosage, to get the maximum effect and not harm the body.

Hawthorn is a small thorny shrub with bright red small berries; berries of black or orange flowers are less common (see photo). It bears fruit from August to September. The hawthorn fruit is somewhat similar to a very small apple, the size of which can reach from 0.5 centimeters to 4 centimeters. The fruit contains seeds. Hawthorn shrubs are ubiquitous; they can be found in the park, in the forest, and near the house.

Plant-based medicine recipes

Let's consider how to properly brew hawthorn in order to preserve vitamins.

How to brew for the heart

To improve the functioning of the heart, you will need 25 hawthorn berries. Pour 1 liter of boiling water. Cover the container with liquid with a lid. Leave on for 15 minutes. After the time has passed, the ready-made infusion can be drunk in the form of tea.

For its preparation, you should take dried dry flowers. 2 tbsp. l. dried flowers must be poured with 0.5 liters of water. Leave to stand for a few minutes. When drinking hawthorn tea, you can add honey or lemon. The remedy helps to significantly strengthen the immune system.

How to brew from pressure

You need to take 15 g of the fruit of the plant, add 1 glass of water. Put on the stove to cook, bring to a boil and remove from heat. To normalize pressure, you must take 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day.

How to properly brew hawthorn in a thermos

To prepare a medicinal infusion in a thermos, you can use not only the fruits of the plant, but also its leaves and branches. A high-quality thermos will help with this.

  1. Pour about 15 g of dried or fresh fruits, flowers or leaves of the plant into a container, pour 1 liter of boiling water.
  2. Let stand with the lid open for 10 minutes.
  3. Close the thermos, infuse the medicine for 8 hours.

The ready-made infusion can be drunk with angina pectoris, pressure and other problems with the cardiovascular system. It should be taken in 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day.

Dried hawthorn

The most effective remedy based on a dried plant is an infusion. You can prepare it in this way: 1 tbsp. l. raw materials should be poured with 1 glass of water. Leave to brew for 20 minutes. After that, you can drink the ready-made infusion, adding a small amount of honey if desired.

Dried or fresh hawthorn helps to get rid of many ailments. But before this method of treatment, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications to the use of hawthorn.

How to brew hawthorn to preserve vitamins

The correct methods of brewing hawthorn are the key to successful treatment. For brewing, a thermos is usually used to obtain a rich infusion containing a maximum of useful substances. In addition, it remains hot for a long time in a thermos. For the prevention and treatment of various ailments, hawthorn fruits are taken in pure form or in combination with herbal preparations.

How to brew fresh hawthorn

The time of collection of "boyar berries" falls on the end of September - beginning of November. They are also useful after the first frost. During this period, the maximum number of components important for the body is concentrated in the fruits.

Consider how to properly brew hawthorn and prepare a decoction of fresh berries. Freshly harvested fruits are saturated with useful substances, so the drink turns out to be truly healing. The sequence of its preparation is as follows:

  1. At 1 st. l. fresh berries use 250 ml of boiling water.
  2. The berries are kneaded, creating a homogeneous mass.
  3. Pour boiling water over the berry mixture, put on low heat.
  4. Boil down until the volume of the drink becomes 2 times less.
  5. Filtered, taken as a tonic.

For a more powerful effect, a summer collection is recommended, in which hawthorn and rose hips are combined. You can brew the fruits separately, but using them together will bring much more benefit. This is the right combination of "2 in 1", to which it will not hurt to add rowan berries, currants, raspberries. If you brew such a berry mixture, then a surge of strength and vivacity is guaranteed. Let's add aesthetic pleasure from the sight and taste of aromatic hawthorn tea.

For its correct preparation, you should:

  • take the fruits of hawthorn and rose hips (2: 1)
  • add wild berries (optional)
  • pour the mixture into a thermos
  • pour boiling water
  • leave to infuse overnight.

Vitamin remedy will help in the work of immunity, support in case of weakness, malaise, colds. It is drunk like regular tea after meals, adding honey.

How to brew frozen hawthorn

For the winter, the "boyarka" berries are not only dried, but also frozen. For these purposes, plastic containers are used, in which the fruits are stored for 6-12 months. During freezing, some of the nutrients are lost, but these losses are insignificant.
How to make the "right" frozen hawthorn tea? The process takes place in three stages:

  1. Defrost the berries (you need 2 tbsp. L.).
  2. Scald the kettle, place the berries in it.
  3. Pour 260 ml of hot water, insulate, leave for 15-20 minutes.

A delicious and healthy drink ready to drink!

How to brew dried hawthorn

The process is not difficult, but it requires the right approach. Hawthorn fruits are harvested independently, and then dried in an oven at t = + 50- + 60C or under a canopy that is well ventilated. An easier option is to buy a pack called "Dried Hawthorn Fruit" at a pharmacy. Check that the raw material

  • was not raw
  • did not contain mold
  • there were no extraneous odors
  • there were no unnecessary inclusions (leaves, twigs from other plants, insects).

To properly brew dried hawthorn fruits is to use a glass or porcelain teapot and a thermos. Any container is warmed up in advance and disinfected by pouring boiling water over it. If the temperature is high in the thermos for a long time, then to maintain heat in the kettle, it is wrapped in a towel, tightly closing the lid.
You can brew hawthorn in different ways:

  • using only dried berries
  • adding other berries and herbs to the collection
  • combining with black or green tea
  • combining with teas, herbs and other ingredients.

Knowing how to brew dried hawthorn, what combinations of herbal preparations to use, it is really possible to help the body in the fight against a number of ailments. As an example, a collection of 1 tsp will help relieve irritability and anxiety with the correct brewing method. dried hawthorn, 1 tsp. ivan tea and a couple of sprigs of mint. How to brew:

  • the collection is poured into a thermos
  • steamed 300 ml of boiling water
  • brew for 3 hours.

Filter, take an hour before bedtime. The berry-herbal collection infused in a thermos acts gently, helping to easily fall asleep, wake up vigorous and rested.

Dry "boyarka" berries should be stored in glass containers for no more than 2 years. The covers must close tightly to avoid contact with air. For flowers and leaves, fabric bags or cardboard boxes are used.

How to brew dried hawthorn in a thermos

This is the most convenient and healthy brewing method. If the fruits are not crushed, then it is difficult to give them the necessary substances. The infusion, prepared and left overnight, will allow you to bring all the useful components into hot water. In addition, the drink from the thermos will be kept hot.
How to brew hawthorn in a thermos:

  • pour boiling water over it
  • add about 30 dried berries (per liter thermos)
  • introduce (if necessary or desired) other ingredients: mint, black currant leaf, rose hips, dried raspberries
  • pour boiling water
  • leave for 5 minutes to "breathe"
  • close with a tight-fitting lid
  • leave for at least 3, maximum - 9 hours (overnight)
  • strain, drink like a tonic drink
  • "Sweets" can add honey.

Steep boiling water helps to remove the ingredients necessary for health from the berries, but it partially destroys vitamins, and some substances simply evaporate at the time of brewing.

How to brew dry hawthorn fruits in a teapot

Since the teapot does not hold heat well, it is better to grind dried hawthorn fruits before brewing. This will make the extraction most efficient. It's no secret how to brew hawthorn for a tonic tea:

  • scald the teapot with boiling water
  • fall asleep 2 tsp. chopped hawthorn, 1 tbsp. l. black tea
  • pour 400 ml of hot water (t = + 85C)
  • cover with a lid, wrap in a towel, leave for 15 minutes
  • strain, pour into a tea cup
  • add honey, lemon wedge.
  • The correct brewing method depends on the specific purpose. For the prevention of "boyarka" is represented by 1⁄4 part of the herbal collection, for treatment, 1⁄2 part or the pure fruit is used.

Application and dosage

Hawthorn can be used both for treatment and prevention of many diseases. But before you start taking it, it is best to consult your family doctor. The doctor will be able to help you with the choice of raw materials, dosage and advise how long to use the natural medicine.

It is used for diseases:

  • cardiovascular system: hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombophlebitis, arteritis
  • nervous system: insomnia, neuropsychiatric disorders, depression
  • upper respiratory tract: frequent colds, runny nose, tonsillitis
  • genitourinary system: prostatitis, nephritis, urethritis, cystitis
  • gastrointestinal tract: biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis in remission, colitis, stool disorder.

You can buy ready-made medications at the pharmacy, or you can prepare your own medication. Most often, pharmaceutical companies produce hawthorn tincture, as well as dried fruits, leaves and flowers.

Be careful with the expiration date, and also carefully read the instructions: it will indicate how to take the drug.

When making a medicine at home, consult your doctor on how to drink the drink correctly, how many times a day and in what concentration.

How to brew hawthorn correctly

For the preparation of a healing drink, flowers, dry, fresh or frozen berries are used. Blood red, five-pistillate varieties of the plant will do. Raw materials are harvested on their own or purchased at a pharmacy. Depending on the region, the shrub begins to bloom in May - early June. Cut the buds in clear, dry weather, avoiding damage to the petals. They are laid out in a thin layer in a place protected from direct sunlight with high-quality ventilation. While the shrub is blooming, the leaves are also harvested, choosing clean ones, without traces of damage by pests or fungi.

The berries are removed from the branches at the end of September - beginning of November, for example, after the first frost, when the concentration of nutrients is maximum. Drying of raw materials at home is carried out in an oven heated to 50-60 degrees. Store in canvas bags or glass jars with tightly screwed lids. It is important to protect the collection from frequent contact with air: this will cause the plant to lose its healing qualities. Also, the fruits are frozen, in this form they will retain their properties for 6-12 months.

A drink is prepared from berries, hawthorn flowers, the healing effect is enhanced by the addition of other medicinal plants: rose hips, motherwort, valerian root, St. John's wort. For the prevention of diseases, raw materials are brewed together with black or green tea in a ratio of 1 to 4. To preserve the beneficial properties of berries and flowers, it is advisable to use liquid cooled down to 85 degrees after boiling.

In the teapot

Brewed in glass or porcelain dishes. After scalding with boiling water, the collection with hawthorn flowers is poured inside, poured with hot water. A strengthening effect will have a drink prepared from taken in equal proportions of leaf tea and dried bush inflorescences at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 200 ml of water. It is useful to drink with the addition of honey or lemon. A mixture of hop cones, peppermint, motherwort, boyarka flowers, put in a 1 to 1 ratio, will help relieve tension and nervousness. A tablespoon of the collection is poured with 200 ml of boiling water, filtered after brewing, taken overnight.

In a thermos

This method helps to preserve the greatest amount of valuable substances, since there is no need to grind the fruit. Long infusion while maintaining a constant temperature gives the drink maximum benefits. To cook hawthorn in a thermos, the container is washed with hot water, after which the fruits are poured and poured with boiling water. After 5-7 minutes, tighten the lid and leave for 5-10 hours.

Reduce irritability and anxiety with a medicinal drink made from identical parts of willow-tea, hawthorn berries, mint. The mixture is brewed and consumed shortly before bedtime, adding honey to taste. To improve the work of the cardiovascular system, a collection is prepared according to the following recipe: 50 g of black leaf tea, a tablespoon of boyarka and rose hips, tea - peppermint and chamomile. For brewing, take a liter of boiling water for a large spoonful of the mixture.

Who shouldn't drink hawthorn

  • With reduced pressure, the dosage must be strictly observed, since hawthorn tea can greatly lower blood pressure, significantly reduce the pulse.
  • In case of peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory processes in the digestive system, it is better not to drink such tea.
  • The honey plant, hawthorn, is an allergen. People who are prone to allergies may experience skin rashes while taking hawthorn.
  • Herbal tea can enhance the effect of drugs that are used in the complex treatment of high blood pressure.
  • If you are expecting a baby or if you are a nursing mother, you should consult your doctor before using hawthorn drinks.
  • It is not recommended to take hawthorn infusion on an empty stomach.

Hawthorn is an affordable and useful remedy. The drink from it is delicious, nutritious. But it must be remembered that this drug and excessive use can be harmful.

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