Design and decoration of a recreation area in the country: how to equip a cozy corner in your garden?

Becoming the owner of a country cottage, many of us get an excellent opportunity not only to grow environmentally friendly products, but also to enjoy outdoor recreation away from the bustle of the city. The recreation area at the dacha is a cozy corner where you can calmly relax, hiding from the whole world, or spend a pleasant evening in a friendly company with the smoke of a barbecue to boot. The arrangement of this corner of the site depends primarily on the purpose that it will perform. Let's take a closer look.

What are the options for arrangement?

There are several common and most successful design options for a garden recreation area.

Outdoor area for active recreation

Arrangement of an open recreation area in the country will allow fans of active games and sports entertainment to fully enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.

Open areas are ideal for joint children's games and for noisy adult discos under the starry sky

Closed area for privacy and tranquility

Such a platform is an open room, the walls of which can be decorative fabric curtains, trellises with climbing plants and bamboo screens.

A light canopy slightly letting through the sun's rays will give the structure a special comfort and protect the owners in bad weather

Mobile version of the site

The use of metal or wooden mobile structures in the arrangement of closed areas allows you to transform a room into an open meadow at any time. Such frames can be made prefabricated or simply portable.

By moving the mobile structure anywhere in the garden, you can always maintain a sense of novelty

Patio - a patio hidden from prying eyes

The patio is located between the outbuildings and outbuildings. The patio outwardly resembles a closed area, but the adjoining walls of the house act as protective and enclosing supports in this version. An open-air room is a great option for organizing family holidays, receiving guests and privacy in order to soak up the sun and sunbathe.

The best option for placing and decorating such a recreation area in the country is a well-lit back side of the house, which protects from dust and street noise

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How to arrange a rest corner yourself?

Stage # 1 - choosing a location

When choosing a place for a resting corner, you must first of all build on the capabilities of the territory. It is possible to set aside a plot and arrange an open recreation area at the dacha both in the front part of the garden and in its depths.

A cozy corner in the shade of trees will create a real oasis of peace and tranquility, which will be enjoyed by people of mature age

For a playground, it is advisable to choose a site with a sunny meadow and a shady corner, ready to shelter restless kids on a sultry afternoon

When choosing a place, they are guided by the following points:

  • Convenient approach of the site and the proximity of its location to the house.
  • Protection from prying eyes of passers-by.
  • Presence of a small slope to prevent water accumulation.

In small areas, the recreation area has a more compact shape. On plots with a larger area, you can successfully divide the garden recreation area into several subzones, united by a single design.

Open flat areas are chosen for the general recreation area, on which there is a place for a barbecue or barbecue, a small shed or a gazebo, as well as a large table with benches

For lovers of outdoor activities, you should provide a place for sports games: volleyball supports, basketball racks or a small complex of horizontal bars with ropes and rings

Stage # 2 - zoning the territory

You can separate the recreation area from the main garden using hedges. Plants for the design of such fences can be selected depending on the illumination of the designated area and the owner's taste preferences. Coniferous hedges will not only complement the design of the recreation area in the country, but also purify the air by filling it with essential oils with bactericidal properties.

Fences can also be made from bamboo, stone, and wood.

Stage # 3 - foundation preparation + paving

The easiest option is soft lawns, which are not only pleasant to walk barefoot, but also have a small picnic right on the grass. In places where it is supposed to place a table with chairs, it is advisable to make paving from wooden cuts, stone, tiles, paving bricks or plastic modules with a corrugated surface.

In the same style with the design of the site, pedestrian connections can also be made, connecting the recreation area with other elements of the site and the house.

Stage # 4 (optional) - barbecue and gazebo arrangement

The gazebo is a secluded corner where you can spend hours chatting in a pleasant company over a cup of aromatic tea or coffee, admiring the surrounding beauty. The gazebo will also become a reliable protection in bad weather: during the rain, its walls will be able to accommodate the owners and guests who have gathered for the planned picnic.

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Place the gazebo in the most picturesque corner of the garden that is conducive to thought, far from the street noise.

Climbing plants, braiding the structure, allow you to create a mood of romance and mystery

Among the flowering climbing plants that fill the space with a charming aroma, the most impressive are the varieties of honeysuckle, clematis and climbing rose.

Thinking over the design of the recreation area in the garden, do not forget about such a functional element of the interior as a barbecue.

The brazier can be used both for its intended purpose, delighting guests with a fragrant barbecue, and as a heating device, the fire in which will warm on a rainy day and allow

In families with small children, instead of a barbecue in open areas, outdoor fireplaces are often installed, which also successfully replace the traditional kitchen stove.

Outdoor fireplaces do not have open flames and therefore are safer designs.

Stage # 5 - choosing garden furniture

When choosing garden furniture for a comfortable stay, designers recommend following principles such as lightness and practicality.

An alternative to the upholstered furniture familiar to many of us can be wicker, wooden, forged openwork or plastic

The materials used for the manufacture of garden furniture are usually easy to maintain and are not afraid of adverse weather conditions. A variety of soft flooring and cushions will help to decorate the furniture and increase a comfortable rest, which can always be brought under the shed in case of rain.

You can also build a hanging hammock chair, read about it:

It's all about the details: the choice of accessories

It is known that coziness is created at the expense of little things. Ceramic figurines of fairy-tale characters peering out from under the bush, various baths and drinkers for birds, bells and pendants, decorative lanterns - the choice depends only on your imagination. Flowers are, of course, a striking addition to the interior: flowerpots with ampelous plants, floor pots with dwarf conifers, pergolas and arches with climbing flowering plants.

At night, the atmosphere of comfort in the recreation area will help to create all kinds of lamps and glowing stones.

Whichever option the choice of the owner of the site stops, the main thing is that the design of the recreation area is organically combined with the landscape of the area and the house itself.

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Recreation area in the country - how to organize in the country or in the garden. 105 photos of the most successful projects and ideas

Private suburban areas have great advantages over the cramped accommodation conditions in city apartments. This is mainly why people are increasingly trying to move from the stuffy urban conditions to nature. They build summer cottages, cottages, ennoble plots.

And if even in the most private house there is no place to spend a holiday by inviting a large company, this can always be done outside the home, having issued a special place in the garden for this, the so-called recreation area. This is what is most often called places for recreation in the country, decorated in the form of a beautiful cozy area, where you can not only relax with the whole family, but also have a great time with many friends, invite them to barbecue or barbecue.

And in order for everyone to feel even more comfortable, it is necessary to very thoroughly approach the decision of the issue of choosing a place of rest. And it is equally important to decide how to equip the recreation area.

Brief content of the article:

Features of the

Most of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, hearing the phrase "summer cottage", do not represent a beautiful place for recreation, but an abandoned territory with cucumber and tomato beds, on which they need to work for a long time to put them in order.

In the modern world, there are too many beautiful ideas that you want to implement, so instead of building a neglected garden bed with a barn, it is better to decorate the site next to a country house with neat green spaces, orchards or flower beds. If you think over the space rationally, then everything will fit in one area at once.

A well-thought-out plot outside the city is a combination of practicality and beautiful appearance. Such a landscaping of the garden and the area adjacent to the house will allow you to turn your private area into a place to which you will always want to return.

The principles of creating a recreation area

A large plot of land gives great opportunities to equip a recreation area for all occasions. Here you can distribute sites for various purposes throughout the territory (rest with friends, with family, with children, for privacy). Or you can do the opposite: collect everything in one place, highlighting sub-zones for outdoor activities, feasts with a noisy company, children's games.

A site on a small plot of land is equipped with all the attributes necessary for recreation, as well as on a spacious plot. The only difference is that everything is very compact. On a modest area, space is cut for flower beds. Of course, you do not need to completely abandon them, the type of flower garden is simply adjusted. Low curbs along paths and fences will do. They use undersized varieties tagetes, zinnias, lavaters, gazania... Shrubs with a lush crown are replaced by climbing plants such as ipomoea, kobei and ornamental beans.

The playground for children is located near the recreation area for adults, so that the kids are in the field of view of the parents. A soft base is created on the playground: sand is poured, a grassy lawn is arranged or an artificial turf is laid. Depending on the age of the children, slides, sandboxes, swings, and a small gazebo with benches are installed in the play area.

Equipment and improvement of recreation areas

Equipment and improvement of recreation areas

Improvement of places for short-term rest. When improving recreation areas, one should strive to preserve the individuality of the appearance of recreational landscape designs of territories, avoid the use of the same type of equipment on a large scale. Recreational furniture, elements of landscaping of the territory can have different shapes, be made of different materials (slats, beams, roots of old trees, etc.), but must necessarily be easy to use, durable, artistically expressive and harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape design of the territory ...

Beaches and bathing areas. Recommended equipment: rescue station, beach equipment rental, luggage room, summer cafes, sports grounds (volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc.), gymnastic equipment (horizontal bars, parallel bars, etc.), playgrounds.

It is recommended to locate beaches so that they face south, southeast or southwest and are protected from the wind. When placing beaches in a strip up to 100 m wide from the reservoir, an increased level of equipment and landscaping should be created. For grassy beaches, the calculated recreational loads are taken from 75 to 100 people / ha, for sandy beaches - 1000 people / ha.

The width of the beach strip should be determined depending on the specific landscape situation (the nature of the relief, the width of the free space between the water's edge and green spaces, the length of the zone favorable for swimming), the estimated number of tourists. The recommended width of the beach area is from 40 to 50 m.

The beach area, the number of places on the beach, the number of showers, changing cabins, drinking fountains and latrines should be taken depending on the estimated number of vacationers in accordance with the indicators given in table. 1. Based on 1 thousand visitors, it is planned to place: 80 sq. M. m of shady canopies, 1 container and 5 waste bins, 3-4 trade booths.

Table 1. The area, the number of places on the beach and the composition of the equipment recommended for placement on the territory of recreational institutions and complexes

Name of recreation facilities

Beach area per seat, sq. m

Number of places on the beach,% of the capacity of institutions

Estimated number of tourists on the beach, people, per

one changing booth

Rest houses, boarding houses, tourist centers, recreation centers, youth recreation camps

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