Design options for glazed gazebos

How to make a hearth for a fire in the country with your own hands?

Stoves and barbecues

Before you equip a hearth in the country, you need to get acquainted with the legal norms that apply to household and reserve lands. First of all it is order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations No. 26 dated January 26, 2016 And if you follow the letter of the law, then summer cottages are just one of them.

Gazebos for the sake of individuality

The assortment of each manufacturer of gazebos of such a company has ready-made projects (as a rule, samples can be found on viewing platforms), which can be easily adapted to the requirements of the customer, and there are architects who are able to create an exclusive project.

The advantages of the individual development of the gazebo project are:

  • a variety of materials from which a gazebo can be created - wood, stone, brick, metal, plastic, concrete, glass
  • variability of external forms and decorative elements
  • the ability to choose the option of antiseptic treatment and decorative coating of the gazebo
  • a choice of window glazing options (from conventional single and double glazing to double-glazed windows) and a choice of roof and roofing including green roofing.

Classic English Garden Pavilion

Other small forms of the garden - bridges, wells, woodpiles can be made in the same style with the gazebo. In the gazebo designed jointly with the architect, you can run a water supply, which is often not the case in standard options to install a "warm floor" in it, and use not only wood, but also paving stones, ceramic tiles, and porcelain stoneware as a finishing coating for floors.

Glazed house - always cozier and warmer

Wooden gazebos

It will not be an exaggeration to say that most of the gazebos in Russia are made of wood, which is still the most common material in our country construction. Stylistically, they are unusually diverse. Wooden gazebos can have classical shapes, be emphasized by the Russians, variations on the theme of Moorish architecture are now popular, in addition, buildings are performed in a fantasy key or give them features of one of the eastern ethnic styles - Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc.

Placing a barbecue in an open summer gazebo is an idea that is not without its drawbacks. In the heat, you hardly want to sit next to a fire-breathing stove. The best option is to build a garden oven or barbecue with a canopy a few steps from the gazebo.

A successful combination of a glazed garden pavilion with a fully open area for a summer gazebo and a barbecue grill

Pergolas made of wood are generally rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal in plan. The former are the most rational in terms of space ergonomics, they are often chosen, especially if the building is supposed to be used as a teahouse or a summer dining room or kitchen, in the center of which there should be a table. When choosing between a hexagonal and octagonal gazebo, you need to proceed from its dimensions. If the maximum external dimension of the structure in terms of more than 3 m, preference should be given to the octahedral shape, since with six sides the side sections will be too wide, and with a standard construction height of 2.3 m, this looks disproportionate.

Open wooden gazebo without fencing

Open wooden gazebo without fencing

Open wooden gazebo without fencing

Open wooden gazebo without fencing

The main material for the construction of a summer wooden gazebo is dry coniferous wood. The use of exotic varieties is very rare. A more reliable option, from the point of view of wood protection, would be gazebos made of impregnated wood, wood-polymer composite (WPC) or thermowood. The main structural elements are the lower frame (made of timber), the floor (grooved floorboard, 30 mm), corner and sometimes central posts (profiled timber, preferably oak or larch, in size from 100 x 100 to 150> 150 mm), upper strapping (timber 100 x 100 mm), lathing for the roof and roof. Handrails, balusters can act as fences, decorative lattices from slats, sometimes the lower part of the opening is sewn up with clapboard. Such gazebos are usually called carpentry.

Today gazebos are the most common product on the market for small architectural forms for the garden... Prices for gazebos range from 30,000 to 300,000 rubles. and even more. Usually manufacturers have a certain standard set of gazebo models. Factory-made sections are delivered to the site and installed literally in a matter of hours. At the same time, the most time-consuming part of the work is the manufacture of a multifaceted base platform.

Building projects

Today, the construction of glazed arbors makes it possible to make them the main decoration of the site. The design is based on the features of the landscape and the purpose of the gazebo itself.

For example, if it is conceived as a secluded corner of the garden plot of a summer cottage, it is removed from prying eyes, the glass is made small. Such a gazebo resembles a small guest house. At the same time, inside it can have a fireplace, a set of upholstered furniture and even a TV.

If the task is to create a place for receiving guests and spending time in a noisy company, they create a project with a barbecue structure. It can be not only a space for a portable grill, barbecue or barbecue.

Depending on the footage, you can fit a whole cooking wall inside, where a cauldron, a stove with a wood-burning stove, a table with a countertop and a sink will fit. Such projects necessarily provide for the presence of ventilation systems.

It is a completely different matter when the gazebo is conceived as a recreation area. The project can have an open area to provide more comfort. For example, a cooking area can be located inside, and a place for a hammock or a cozy sofa will be set aside at the entrance.

The structure can be combined using the foundation and floor., lined with paving slabs or stone.

Small projects (3.2x3.5, 3.5x3.5 m) often provide panoramic glazing. Such buildings look stylish; inside the gazebo can be decorated with curtains and elegant wicker furniture. However, for aesthetics, they always need the appropriate design of the paths and a platform that elevates the gazebo itself. This design is appropriate when the entire garden is decorated in a similar style.

These are mainly summer frame buildings, where the whole family can sit over a cup of tea.

Winter counterparts are distinguished by smaller window parameters and a more traditional shape, which tends to be rectangular or square. Due to the adaptation to the residential building inside them, it is easier to create an interior for any design style, be it a modern or ethnic trend, classic or vintage.

At the same time, windows are often a decoration for gazebos, differing in profile with imitation of expensive natural materials (for example, stone or noble types of wood).

Depending on the style chosen, they can be decorated not only with curtains, but also shelves with fresh flowers. It is easier to glaze such structures, since double-glazed windows are more often used here.

The best size for this type of gazebo is the 4x4 m log version with classic windows, sheathed walls, tiled floors and a fireplace. With the right approach to construction, a variant with the same dimensions can also be made of stone and brick.

A covered metal gazebo can be supplemented with siding. Besides it, you can combine metal with brickwork, sliding glass walls, or use glass only as small windows and doors. There should be room inside for placing furniture and free movement.

If the project is made in the form of a polygon, you can install a brazier in the center, make a structure with a table around which to arrange seating.

The layout of a large rectangular gazebo can have 2 or 3 functional areas. For example, inside it you can fit a cooking area, a bar with bar stools, a place to relax or receive guests.

Projects of spacious structures often provide for the presence of symbolic partitions that bring organization within the structure.

Such closed versions of gazebos are often as comfortable as possible, without affecting the proportionality of the landscape. They decorate, but do not interrupt the design concept.


Glazed gazebos for a summer residence are a small building that needs to be equipped with space. You should start by choosing a shape: round, polygonal, square or rectangular. Starting from the finished foundation and the estimated area, you can arrange the interior space of the room the way everyone likes.

A popular way to equip the gazebo in an original way is the non-standard appearance of the roof. There is a range of roof slope materials available on the market, a variety of shapes, or even styles such as Japanese.

A fundamental step for glazing a gazebo is choosing the type: cold or warm. All subsequent actions unfold depending on it. It is worth remembering the weather patterns in the area and purchasing the appropriate glazing material. A lot of variations, how to arrange and what to put inside, act as you wish.

In addition to glazing, you also need to think about which table to put in the gazebo. Usually they also make wooden ones, but you can buy it. The Calligaris table has good strength and reliability.

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