Plant nursery "Leaves and Needles" in the Gatchina region

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Saplings of fruit trees and shrubs

Address: Linen. region, Gatchinsky district, Elizavetinskaya volost, village Natalyevka


+7 (921) 764-76-39, +7 (969) 720-03-10
We work from 10:00.
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Our nursery has been on the market for over 20 years and offers high-quality planting material for fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs and garden strawberries.

"Leaves and Needles" is a plant nursery. We grow decorative, coniferous, fruit and berry crops.

Here are 3 reasons why gardeners and designers choose us:
You can plant any seedling from the nursery on your site - all plants easily take root in our region
You will receive a plant with a closed root system: in this form, the seedling can be planted on any day of the planting season.
We will help you plant a plant and tell you how to properly care for it

We offer:

Fruit and berry crops

Apple trees, pears, plums, cherries, cherries, cherry plums, sea buckthorn, strawberries
The most delicious fruits and berries are those that you have grown yourself! In our nursery you will find more than 20 types of crops that will delight you with juicy fruits for many years! Both a beginner and an experienced gardener will cope with them. It is enough to follow a few simple rules: in spring and autumn, cut and whitewash fruit trees, and berry crops - fertilize and mulch.


Colorado spruce (blue), European spruce (ordinary), fir, pine
You can make a hedge from coniferous trees or decorate an alley with them. It is easy to care for conifers: adult plants themselves feed from the soil. If the day is hot, just spray the needles with water to keep them bright green

Ornamental crops

Chubushnik, chestnuts, spirea, cotoneaster, viburnum, mountain ash
What could be better than a walk in a blooming garden? You don't have to go far: plant decorative crops on your site! More than 30 plant species grow in our nursery, which will fill your garden with a floral scent. How to take care of them? Adult plants will need sanitary pruning: it is important to remove frozen, dry and broken branches. So they age later, branch more and become thicker.

Also in our nursery you will find sculptures for the garden and 1000 types of seeds!

And for regular customers, we have a discount program with which it is easy to save on purchases:
5% discount for a one-time purchase of 15,000 rubles.
10% discount when accumulating the total amount of purchases for 50,000 rubles.
15% discount when accumulating the total amount of purchases for 100,000 rubles.
If you are a designer, we will select individual conditions for you and issue an affiliate card

We are waiting for you in the Leaves and Khvoya nursery!

Seedlings of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs

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