English garden design


For many, the English garden represents the model most similar to spontaneous vegetation. Historically it was born in contrast to the rigidity of the Italian garden. Precisely for this reason the arrangement of plants and flowers may appear disorganized at first sight, but in reality each plant is placed in that particular point after a very specific study. The design of the English garden can be entrusted to a specialized company that will take care of the subdivision of the various areas of the garden, taking into account the customer in the choice of plants. Relying on competent people you can be sure of creating an effective English garden, complete with every accessory and with attention to the smallest details. On the other hand, those who want to test themselves and start creating their own English garden personally must know at least the basic assumptions that have led to the creation of this particular type of space over time. The English garden is best represented where there are rather large spaces, because it is also possible to place tall trees by creating small areas where they are collected just as if it were a forest. Obviously, the areas intended for dining and the relaxation area are surrounded by different vegetation that still allows for shaded areas but also the pleasant aesthetic effect of the flowers. During the design phase, no detail must be overlooked. If you carefully follow the project implemented, the final result will certainly be satisfactory. Obviously, the current gardens designed in the English style are only partially similar to those of the past, because today the garden is a space that completes the outdoor area and makes it perfectly usable during the entire summer period. For this reason, inside the garden we find the swimming pool, while the relaxation area can also be completed with a hydromassage mini-pool. We note the presence of the English garden thanks to the appearance it assumes as a whole. The gardener will obviously be more familiar with finding the most suitable place for certain species. In fact, even the choice of plants must be made taking into account the exposure of the garden and the type of climate present in that area. In England, where most of the year there is rain, plant species that are comfortable in a humid environment are well adapted, something that cannot happen in our country. The best advice can be provided by the nurseryman himself: when you have to choose the plants, you must always tell him that it is the construction of an English garden.

English garden design: Realization

After the customer has seen the project implemented by the specialized company and agreed the choice of plants together, the work can begin. During the construction phase of the English garden, it is necessary to include all the decorative elements, and possibly there was the possibility, even of small streams that always manage to give the natural appearance of this garden. The times of realization depend above all on the size of the garden. Usually during the design phase, the same company will be able to say how long it will take to create the lighting, irrigation and planting system for all the various species chosen. Once you have created an English garden, it is advisable to have careful maintenance, to be entrusted to a specialized person if you cannot personally follow all the various stages, including tree pruning. When a garden is quite large, the time to devote to it is necessarily greater than in a garden reduced to a limited space, and with the help of a person specialized in the sector, the work is certainly facilitated. It is a question of having to follow the state of health of each species and to intervene where it seems that the plant gives the first symptoms of malaise. The investment related to the construction of an English garden varies according to the type of plant chosen and the number of them that is purchased. Many may think that an English garden, which appears so "wild" in appearance, does not need to be cared for but in reality it is not. This type of garden, in fact, needs the same care as any other garden. The appearance of the English garden continues to give small corners of green that are certainly very interesting, which throughout history have embellished the most beautiful villas, and today everyone can decide to decorate their home in this way as well.

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