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Urn Shaped Gentian: Where Does Urn Gentian Grow

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

What is urn gentian and where does urn gentian grow? Urn shaped gentian is native to Tibet and has very traditional succulent and cacti needs. If you can find one, you should add it to your collection! Learn more in this article.

How to Bury an Urn: Perform the Burial

Be sure to dig at least three feet deep for burying the urn. If you are burying the urn in a place where you are confident it will never be disturbed, a wood cremation urn is appropriate.

If you are burying an urn out in the wilderness somewhere, we would recommend a biodegradable urn.

Conduct a service appropriate for the memory of your loved one, then deposit the urn and cover it by re-filling the hole.

A closing suggestion: You would well-serve yourself and your family to make a record of the burial, as with the passage of time many details may become blurred in your memory. Be sure to include these details:

  • Where the urn was buried
  • When (day and time – either exact time or “sunset”)
  • Why you chose the location and/or time
  • Who was there
  • Any other pertinent details, such as Bible verses or poems read, who spoke or prayed, etc.

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