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Which Bach flower remedy should you take

Brief summary scheme to illustrate the most suitable type of remedy based on the pathology:

AGRIMONY (agrimony), for those who hide their concerns, whatever they may be, behind a mask of humor and cheerfulness;

ASPEN, (poplar) for those who are afraid of what they do not know, of things that are vague, indistinct and without any apparent reason;

BEECH (beech), for those who are intolerant;

CENTAURY (minor centaury), for those unable to say no, they lack willpower;

WAXED (lead), for those who do not have confidence in themselves and in their decisions;

CHERRY PLUM (plum), for those who are afraid of losing control, reason;

CHESTNUT BUD (white chestnut gem), for those who always repeat the same mistakes and do not want to learn from their mistakes;

CHICORY (chicory), for those who are possessive and selfish;

CLEMATIS (vitalba), for those who daydream and plan the future without building anything in the present;

CRAB APPLE (wild apple), for those who are disgusted with themselves and their body and mind;

ELM (English elm), for those who feel overwhelmed by responsibilities;

GENTIAN (autumn gentian), for those who indulge in pessimism and get discouraged after a failure:

GORSE (gorse), for those who feel desperation and have lost all hope;

HEATHER (heather oerica), for those who hate loneliness and self-centered and only talk about themselves;

HOLLY (holly), for those who feel hatred, envy and jealousy towards others;

HONEYSUCKLE (honeysuckle), for those who take refuge in the nostalgia of the past;

HORNBEAM (hornbeam), for those who have a tendency to postpone commitments and feel tired, weak just at the thought of doing something;

IMPATIENS (balsam), for those who are impatient;

LARCH (larch), for those who are afraid of failing and have no self-confidence;

MIMULUS (yellow mimolo), for those who are afraid of something material;

MUSTARD (wild mustard), for those who are sad and melancholy without a specific reason;

OAK (oak), for those who go beyond their strength;

OLIVE (olive tree), for those who are completely exhausted due to mental or physical effort;

PINE (Scots pine), for those who tend to feel guilty;

RED CHESTNUT (red horse chestnut), for those who worry excessively for loved ones;

ROCK ROSE (eliantemo), for those who feel terror and panic;

ROCK WATER (spring water), for those who self-repress, deny themselves, self-repress;

SCLERANTHUS (fiorsecco, scleranto or centigrani), for indecisive people who never manage to choose between different alternatives;

STAR OF BETHLEHEM (ornithogal or hen's milk), for those who have suffered physical or mental shocks;

SWEET CHESTNUT (sweet chestnut), for those who feel great anguish after trying everything and see no way out;

VERVAIN (verbena), for those who are excessively carried away by enthusiasm;

VINE (vine), for those who tend to dominate and are inflexible;

WALNUT (walnut), for those who have to face changes in their life (for example puberty, menopause, transfers, bereavement, divorce, etc.) and for those who are afraid of being the victim of a curse;

WATER VIOLET (water violet), for those who are proud and tend to be alone;

WHITE CHESTNUT (white horse chestnut), for those who have unwanted thoughts and are constantly thinking and discussing among themselves;

WILD OAT (forasacco or wild oats), for those who are not happy with the path they have taken in life;

WILDE ROSE (dog rose), for those who abandon themselves to apathy and resignation;

WILLOW (yellow willow), for those who pity themselves and resent themselves.

To Bach's 38 traditional remedies it is necessary to add:

RESCUE REMEDY (emergency remedy), a mixture of flowers to solve unexpected and emergency situations
(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Bach flowers: the therapeutic basis

It is wrong to believe that Bach's remedies are constitutional remedies and must be prescribed for a long time: they correspond to the thirty-eight main situations of difficulty represented in the theater of life and - when they are well chosen - they act quickly, at most within a week. . it is not advisable to use mixtures of flowers, since its effectiveness is considerably reduced, rather, it is better to administer one flower at a time, until the mental symptoms do not change, and only then another one corresponding to the new situation is used.

The choice of the most suitable Bach flowers is based on the rational knowledge of what the author says for each of his remedies, but once this knowledge is installed in the mind, it is necessary to let it rest in the memory and choose the most suitable flower. for ourselves or for the person in front of us, based on the heart and intuition.

Content index:

Bach flowers and the 7 emotions

We have said that there are 38 Bach flowers and each of these acts on the emotional states that we most often find ourselves experiencing. How can we understand the most suitable one for the moment we are living in?

We can divide Bach flowers into 7 groups, each of which represents one of the most widespread and frequent moods that we find ourselves experiencing.

Starting with asking yourself a question is the key to solving the problem.

Here are the 7 Bach flower groups, each associated with an emotion.

  • Fear
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of interest in the present
  • Excessive influence from others
  • Excessive concern for the health of others
  • Discomfort and despair
  • Solitude

How to choose the most suitable Bach flower?

Using the scheme of the 7 action groups of Bach flowers, it is easier to choose the one that best suits the needs of the moment.

Bach flowers act above all on negative emotional states that block the flow of our physical and mental energies.

To choose the most effective Bach flower, we start by asking ourselves in which of these 7 groups we feel represented at this moment. If we stop to think carefully and slow down the daily rhythms for a moment, we will be able to identify which emotion prevents us from looking ahead and continuing our life with serenity.

Do we feel that it is fear of someone or something that blocks us? The fear of being alone? Excessive concern for a family member or friend dear to us? Or are we unable to express ourselves because we have a strong fear of the judgment of others?

We start with a small step and ask ourselves the first fundamental question: what state of mind do I experience most frequently in the last period?

Bach flowers for the most intense periods

In addition to the 38 Bach flowers, we can find a blend, created by Edward Bach himself, which contains 5 carefully selected flowers.

The now well-known blend of 5 Bach flowers is also called Rescue Remedy or Emergency.

It contains Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Star of Bethlehem.

It is the remedy to always keep at home and to use in the most tiring periods when life puts us to the test: for a bereavement, for a loss or for a widespread state of anxiety that does not abandon us.

Each of these remedies, if well selected, can bring great benefits to our everyday life, helping us in a silent but active and constant way to make the right decisions and to point the rudder in the direction that we feel is right.

The characteristics of the seven Bach flower categories

The remedies are divided by Bach into seven categories. The first category is that of fear: all the fears of life, from the greatest fear, that of dying (Rock Rose), to the least fear, the fear of others (Red Chestnut), are divided into five gradations, how many are the remedies of this category, the second category concerns uncertainty, the doubt that prevents positive action, from the greater uncertainty, the one concerning one's own value as human beings (Cerato), to the lower uncertainty, that relating to the choice of one's own activity (Wild Oat), according to six gradations, how many remedies in this category are the third category is that of insufficient interest in the present, which we could define with the modern term of alienation, from Clematis (which is so alienated from the present as to desire the afterlife) to Chestnut Bud (who is simply distracted and tends to repeat indefinitely the same type of error or negative experience, without learning anything from the experience), according to seven gradations, many how many remedies in this category are the fourth category is that of loneliness, from Water Violet (who has chosen loneliness as a lifestyle) to Heather (who simply suffers it without understanding it and overcomes it by exchanging a chat), according to three gradations, as many remedies as there are remedies in this category, the fifth category is that of hypersensitivity to influences and ideas, from Agrimony (who tolerates anything pretending to be cheerful and is prone to drug use, to stifle the gushing of truth from his soul) to Holly (who takes it for a trifle and is not willing to tolerate the slightest affront, or supposed such, to her ego), according to four gradations, corresponding to the number of remedies of this group, the sixth category is that of discouragement or despair, from Larch (who is convinced that any commitment is beyond his abilities) to Crab Apple (who would feel like a lion, were it not for a small disturbance that makes him fligge), according to eight gradations, corresponding to the number of remedies in this set, the seventh category is that of excessive care or attention to others and goes to Chicory (who maniacally deals with the needs of others, feeling obliged to advise anyone on the da Farsi) to Rock Water (which deals only with its own life discipline, hoping only to set a positive example), according to five gradations, which correspond to the number of remedies of this group.

To deepen the subject, see the chapter on Bach's remedies divided by categories.


The procedure for choosing the most suitable Bach remedy is as follows:

1. Asking ourselves which of the seven feelings, or emotional conditions listed, is the one that creates the greatest tension in the present, the most serious personal difficulties, we imagine being able to express the genius of the lamp as the only desire to successfully face only one of these conditions, which one would we choose?

2. Having chosen the category, using our heart and intuition, we rate our emotional difficulties, from 1 (most serious situation) to "n", where "n" represents the number of remedies belonging to each category: exactly, "n" for the first category is 5, for the second 6, for the third 7, for the fourth 3, for the fifth 4, for the sixth 8, for the seventh 5 we will thus have found the remedy to use.

For example, if the prevailing negative feeling is fear, a non-violent, but subtle, persistent and vague fear, and the number of remedies in the fear category is 5, we could give the intensity of our feeling the fourth position, i.e. number 4, corresponding to the Aspen remedy, in fourth place in the category of fear.

Method of recruitment. Bach flowers can be found on the market in liquid form, according to two different packages: a small package around 5-10 cc of concentrated product, which must be diluted with water for consumption, a larger package, of 30 cc, where the product has already been diluted and is ready directly for consumption.

Dosage and posology: Often it is preferable to have a single administration before going to bed, instead of the 4 daytime administrations normally prescribed before going to bed, so 20 drops of the diluted product are administered directly under the tongue (and waiting two minutes before swallowing).

The SFB (Bach flower sequences), personal method. Once you have learned how to take the individual Bach flowers, it is also very simple to explain their use in sequence, together with the practice of fasting. The simplest way is to choose the Bach flower most relevant to us or to the patient in each of the seven categories, and to administer a different flower every evening before bedtime in each week, according to the sequence of the seven categories, all combined with a total or relative fast in the evening. Here is an example. Suppose you have chosen Cherry Plum for the first category: this remedy will be administered, in the measure of 20 drops, every evening before going to bed, during the first week in the second category let's suppose you have chosen Wild Oat: this remedy will be administered in the second week and so on for the other 5 categories and the other 5 weeks. Finally, a 7-week cycle will have been completed, with the use of 7 Bach flowers.
Partial or total fasting in the evening greatly helps the action of Bach flowers.The synergy between these interventions, alongside the symptoms of nervousness, anxiety, irritability and depression, also improves physical symptoms, not only those inherent in the digestive and intestinal sphere, but also possibly allergic disorders, chronic inflammation of the joints, urogenital organs, paranasal sinuses and gums. The cycle of 7 weeks and 7 remedies can be repeated in the same way, changing the remedies according to the change in symptoms, until the improvement continues or the physical and mental disorders cease completely. If a satisfactory result is not obtained with the sequence of 7 Bach flowers, proceed to the sequence of 12, using the 12 original remedies in the same way in the following order: Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Hornbeam, Clematis , Water Violet, Impatiens, Agrimony, Chicory, Vervain. For the most difficult cases, the 38 remedies are used one after the other, in the same order in which they were described above.

Acne and emotional distress

L'acne it occurs mainly among young people. The skin is one of the most important organs of emotional expression, it constitutes the outer covering of the human being, its envelope and its boundary. When this envelope gets "dirty" and they develop skin diseases, is the signal that the “border” with one's environment is no longer in balance. That is, it can be a manifestation of a emotional distress, wanting to tell the world “I want to hide”, “I don't want to be seen”. The discomfort and embarrassment it creates is of an aesthetic nature, but it can have psychosocial repercussions. L'acne, from this point of view, it translates a bad relationship with oneself. Self-love is lacking, a rejection of one's personality is experienced which pushes the subject to distance others, to avoid contact.

The mind seeks its expressive form especially when the person is not aware of what is happening inside him. The organism expresses itself using symbols as every dysfunction has a symbolic one in addition to a biological value.

If we start from the assumption that the psyche expresses itself through the soma, it is correct to ask what is the psychological meaning ofacne. The disowned emotions start from the awareness of anger and pain, the sense of inadequacy and the need to keep the other at a distance, from the fear of having to take the reins of one's life, from having to face a world that until that moment has appeared. threatening. L'acne it is the solution that the body finds to dissolve this block at the contact-border level, the skin.

Bach flowers e Acne

WALNUT : it helps the adolescent in the transition to a new phase of life, in fact this flower gives strength and protects from external influences and helps to find the energy in itself to optimize adaptability and skin renewal.

CLEMATIS : acts on the propensity to fantasize, typical of youth and adolescence, this tendency often hides a rejection of reality that the face can highlight through the appearance of boils

CRAB APPLE : in this specific case the flower acts on fear, perhaps of the sexuality that is blossoming and on the feeling that it is something "dirty", or on the sensation of change in the body experienced as emotional, physical and psychic discomfort.

Just add two drops of each of the three flowers to the face cream used routinely.

If the impure skin is very light skin, the CRAB APPLE flower is successfully used, which can easily be added to the cleansing milk used regularly (only 2 drops of the flower), or it can be used during the bath as a supplement to the flowers that you take. internally by pouring a few drops into the tub.

For very pale skins which are therefore very delicate and prone to erythema, CLEMATIS is recommended, at least in those cases in which the person demonstrates that he does not take an active part in life, but prefers to dream and stay, so to speak, in his world.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: it is the remedy indicated for psychophysical recovery after trauma. Great to add to any cream.

WILD ROSE : indicated to awaken skin reactivity.

L'acne therefore it is not just a "skin disease", but a real alarm bell of a deeper discomfort which, at a certain point, rises to the surface and manifests itself "on the surface of the skin"!

By the Naturopath

Anna Maria Puglisi

N.B. This is not a medical publication, the information provided on this site is for information purposes only and is of a general nature, it cannot in any way replace the prescriptions of a doctor or other health professionals authorized by law.

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Selection of flowers

Dr Bach wanted his system to be easy to use. You don't need any special techniques or mystical skills. You just have to be honest with yourself and aware of your feelings.

Here's a step-by-step guide - and for more information, go to the bottom of the page.

First, be clear as to why you would like to take the remedies

For example, are you trying to develop some aspects of your personality? Or are you going through a stressful time?

Perhaps you are looking for help with a physical ailment like asthma or arthritis or back pain?

Dr. Bach found a correlation between the way we feel emotionally and the way we feel physically, so that better emotional balance often translates into greater physical well-being.

But there is no Bach remedy aimed specifically at any physical ailment or condition. The remedies work purely on an emotional level. This applies, whatever your current problem is.

Which leads to the next step ...

Think about your current feelings

Start by thinking about the way you are feeling right now. Do you feel worried? anxious? uncertain? sad? depressed?

It may be that you have had a setback and feel discouraged. This could indicate the Gentian remedy. Or maybe your child is about to start school and, for no reason, are you afraid that he will be bullied? - this could indicate Red Chestnut as it is the remedy for fear that something bad will happen to loved ones.

Or maybe you've worked too hard and are exhausted? - this could indicate the need for Olive.

Consult the list of remedies - there are only 38 of them - and see which ones best match your current feelings, your current mood, the way you are reacting to your situation and the people around you.

If you have a physical problem, consider how it makes you feel emotionally. Do you feel frustrated, annoyed, resentful, discouraged, resigned to the condition? Do you always think about it? Does it make you feel anxious?

As before, look at the list of remedies and find those that best match how you feel.

Your personality

You might also think about your basic personality: the type of person you are under.

Maybe you are someone who tends to be quiet, shy and shy and you don't like meeting new people? - This could indicate that you are a Mimulus type.

On the other hand, maybe you recognize yourself as a Vervain person, full of enthusiasm and energy and committed to justice for others?

Or could you be some kind of loner, a lover of quiet activities and your own company, reserved and upright? - This would make you a Water Violet personality.

Don't worry if you can't find a personality remedy right away. The important thing is to select the remedies for your current emotions.

Narrow the choice

You can select and mix up to six or seven different remedies together at a time. Don't worry if you make a wrong choice, because if a remedy isn't necessary it won't do anything, it definitely won't make things worse.

Experience has shown, however, that too many remedies taken at the same time tend to reduce their effect. There is no point in mixing all 38 to zap all at once! - instead consider your current feelings and the most important issues that concern you now.

If you find that you have more than seven or eight remedies in your mix, you are probably including some that aren't necessary. Leave out those about feelings that are past and those that aren't really needed because another remedy is more accurate.

For example, if you have several remedies for fear in your mix, think about what you are really afraid of, as it may be best to focus on the remedy that most accurately represents the quality of your anxiety.

Further information

There is a full list of remedies on this website links leading to individual pages on each remedy. We also have a dosage guide.

If you want to study the system on your own, you can read a book or you could participate in an introductory level 1 lesson, both in the classroom and through distance learning.

And if you need personal help in making your selection or if you get stuck and want an outside opinion, you can always consult a registered professional (BFRP).

BFRPs serve as teachers and counselors and will help you choose remedies for yourself, family and friends.

Case examples

This is a selection of short case reports sent to us by practitioners that show how the remedies work. Names and personal details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

A ten year old girl

The other day, I had a textbook case involving a ten-year-old girl. Her mother, tired of the doctor's opinion on her daughter's continual stomach ache, came to look for an alternative in the natural products store, where I work and train as a practitioner.

I asked her if her daughter was quite sensitive and her answer was that the child tended to get nervous about every little thing, that her academic achievement was affected by the lack of confidence she had in herself and that she often suffered from headaches. He then continued, saying that the girl was quite erratic, with constant mood swings.

I asked her if she was indecisive of character and her mother, rolling her eyes, told me that, for some weeks, she had been driving her crazy because she couldn't decide whether or not to take part in a school trip.

After briefly explaining to her what the remedies are, the lady decided to buy the relief remedy. I wanted to prepare a compound remedy, but she was very skeptical. However, I knew that the little girl needed other remedies, so in the end the lady was convinced and left with a bottle of the treatment containing a mixture of Larch, Mimulus, Aspen, Scleranthus and Gentian.

Two days later, the lady returned with a bouquet of flowers for me, telling me how her daughter had changed overnight. In fact, after taking the first two doses that same evening, the little girl had slept well and the next day she got up saying that she had no stomach ache and that she had decided what to do for the school trip! Even the teacher, at the end of the school day, had left school and asked her mother what had happened because the child had really worked well in class ...

A ten year old boy

This is the case I like to mention when lecturing on remedies, as it clearly illustrates the physical effects that lack of emotional balance can cause. This is the case of a ten-year-old boy who had a severe attack of diarrhea every time he had to leave the house. It was discovered that this disorder had begun shortly after his father, victim of a very serious car accident, had been forced to hospital for about two months.

I gave him Star of Bethlehem for the shock and Aspen for his general state of apprehension and great fear. Chicory was the remedy for his type of character, in fact he wanted his father all to himself, he was always looking for attention and always commanded his brother. I also gave him Larch to help him regain his confidence.

In a short time he began to feel better and was soon able to live a normal life again.

Mom for the first time

I started explaining how remedies are used to an expectant mother, who had become very nervous during the last stage of her pregnancy. The woman lived in a remote area of ​​the country and, as soon as she asked me, I took the plane to go and meet her.

P. was in her first pregnancy. She seemed to have become very irritable with everyone around her, found herself screaming easily and it was becoming difficult to be around her. Nothing suited her and she was in a hurry for the baby to be born to get on with her life.

I realized that Impatiens was the only remedy he needed.

It happened that two days later, the weather forecast was rather unfavorable and the arrival of heavy snow was foretold. The hospital decided that P. had to be hospitalized immediately, because otherwise, if labor had begun, only a helicopter could have transported her there.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctors decided to give her birth. But every day, when the time came to proceed, another woman arrived in full labor which, of course, took precedence. Day after day, ten days passed before doctors could induce the birth of the baby.

How did this impatient and irritable mother cope with the delay?

Her family, doctors, nurses and P. herself were absolutely amazed by her patience and good humor. She laughed every time another pregnant woman came and she happened to be put back in the queue. Everyone praised her and in the hospital her case became a topic of discussion for the staff. She revealed her secret - Impatiens!

Needless to say, P. is now a "Bach Flower mom" and has the full set of remedies at home. Last year at Christmas, her father-in-law even gave her a small box for remedies in finely carved wood.


An old friend called me for help. The thirty-year-old daughter, a recent mother and heroin addict, was following a methadone detox program in a rural area. The plan was for him to go to the local pharmacy every day for his methadone dose.

A new pharmacist, who had been given the task of giving her the drug, did not dose it correctly and gave her an overdose. The woman left the pharmacy accusing a violent bout of vomiting and was immediately taken to the local hospital.

The health services of our region, due to major reductions in funding, cannot ensure neither time nor assistance nor the technical expertise that would be needed. The practice is to treat and discharge patients as quickly as possible, especially when an uncomfortable problem such as drug addiction arises. Although the girl had been a victim of her own recovery program, they gave her coal and sent her home.

She was still very sick and felt as if she were going mad. At this point, the mother called me and we decided to give her the relief remedy and Crab Apple. In a short time, the girl began to calm down and get better, the next morning she felt completely recovered. Both mother and daughter were very grateful to me for the remedies.

The legal mind

Last year, in August, I went on vacation to Geneva, where I lived when I was working for the United Nations. Some friends who work in the UN bodies organized a conference-seminar on remedies for me, for about a dozen people. Everyone spoke English and some had already tried using the remedies.

I brought with me many information brochures on Bach and spent a wonderful evening talking in depth about the remedies. Over the course of the vacation, I packed many bottles of the treatment for friends and old co-workers.

A lawyer from the World Intellectual Property Organization told me that she was certain that the bottle of treatment, which I had prepared for her, had saved her from a certain nervous breakdown while she was working on a very important legal document, whose deadline seemed impossible to meet. . She was so impressed with the remedies that she bought a complete set and is planning to come to England to take a course.


A friend who had come to have a coffee with me was in doubt about the possibility of going to visit her homeland in Africa. She was truly undecided. She had two children and it seemed difficult for her to organize herself to leave the family for three weeks, however, she really wanted to go. He knew the remedies, but he had never taken them.

As we talked the youngest of my daughters grabbed the bottle of a remedy and dropped it, shattering it. I cleaned the floor, lamenting the precious loss and trying to memorize which remedy had just been "killed". L’odore dell’alcool impregnò la stanza, assieme all’essenza stessa.

Venti minuti più tardi, dopo che la mia amica se n’era andata, squillò il telefono. Era lei: “Sono all’agenzia di viaggi, sto prenotando il mio volo!”

Sapete che bottiglietta aveva rotto mia figlia? Scommetto che avete indovinato, era proprio quella di Scleranthus.


Wendy aveva subito una mastectomia. Per le prime due settimane la sua convalescenza andò bene, ma poi all’improvviso sembrò perdere l’appetito e la capacità di sopportare il dolore. Si sentiva estremamente stanca e debole, tanto da non riuscire nemmeno a tenere gli occhi aperti per leggere un libro.

Quando Wendi si presentò alla successiva visita dal medico, l’infermiera che le stava cambiando le fasciature si accorse di questa sua profonda stanchezza. Le disse di non arrendersi e le parlò di certe gocce che potevano aiutarla. Le raccomandò di provare il rimedio di soccorso. Poco dopo aver preso il rimedio, Wendy si sentì un po’ meglio.

Continuò a prendere il rimedio ad intervalli per le successive 48 ore, ogni volta che le cose sembravano peggiorare e, tutte le volte, solo pochi sorsi erano sufficienti a calmarla e ad aiutarla a ritornare in sé.

Tom lavorava in un ufficio in cui l’aria era sempre viziata, in quanto la ventilazione era molto scarsa. Di conseguenza, spesso le finestre venivano lasciate aperte, persino in inverno. Tom sedeva con le spalle verso la finestra e sembrava avere poca resistenza alle correnti d’aria. Soffriva sempre per una non ben definita forma di raffreddamento alla testa, con stanchezza, occhi pesanti e catarro, ma il dottore gli disse che era in perfetta salute.

Gli fu dato Olive per la stanchezza e per la perdita di energia e Crab Apple perché si sentiva contagiato e seriamente malato. I sintomi non ben identificati si attenuarono velocemente e Tom disse che, invece di crollare sulla poltrona alla fine di ogni giornata, riusciva a rimanere attivo più a lungo e a fare molte più cose.

Due bambini

Vorrei descrivere due episodi che mi hanno colpito.

Il primo si riferisce ad una bimba di tre anni. La sua mamma l’aveva portata con sé durante il nostro colloquio. La piccola giocava tranquillamente con dei mattoncini di plastica che le avevo dato, mentre la madre mi raccontava ciò che stava accadendo in famiglia.

Tutto d’un tratto, la donna disse che voleva divorziare dal padre della bambina. La bimba, improvvisamente, si girò verso di me e cominciò a vomitare.

Presi la boccetta del rimedio di soccorso e gliela feci annusare poi le misi un paio di gocce di rimedio in bocca. La bambina si riprese immediatamente e la madre la portò in bagno per lavarla. Quando tornarono la piccola era impaurita e tremava. Le misi delle gocce di rimedio sulle tempie, parlandole dolcemente. Tre minuti dopo era seduta sulle mie ginocchia e disegnava come se niente fosse.

Il secondo caso si riferisce ad una mia amica che ha una figlia di due anni sempre in movimento. Nonostante sia così piccola, non smette mai di parlare per cercare di convincere me e sua mamma a fare quello che vuole lei. (Se non fosse per la sua tenera età sarebbe perfetta per la politica.)

Mentre prendevamo il tè, la piccola saltava e ci correva intorno. Non riusciva a smettere di andare di qua e di là, agitando le braccia. Improvvisamente, in un istante, la bimba salì su una sedia e cadde, battendo il sopracciglio contro il bordo del tavolo di legno. Quando la madre la sollevò aveva il viso pieno di sangue.

Corsi verso le boccette dei rimedi, afferrai Star of Bethlehem e, appena la mamma ripulì la piccola ferita (che continuava a sanguinare abbondantemente), vi misi una goccia di rimedio. In pochi secondi il flusso del sangue diminuì. Misi allora un’altra goccia – la madre della bimba non credeva ai suoi occhi perché immediatamente la ferita smise di sanguinare.

Mi guardò sorpresa e mi chiese se per caso non fossi una maga. Cosa potevo rispondere? Non dissi niente, ma pensai: “Grazie dr. Bach”.

Qualche giorno dopo, la mia amica mi disse che la bambina andava a dire a tutti che avevo “delle piccole gocce che, quando batti la testa contro qualcosa, ti curano e il male non c’è più”.


In un recente viaggio eravamo stipati come sardine su un aereo che offriva appena lo spazio per respirare. Come se non bastasse, un bambino sul sedile dietro al mio non smetteva di urlare, mettendo a dura prova la pazienza della nostra hostess, già molto indaffarata, e tirando sicuramente i nervi a quasi tutti quelli seduti vicino.

All’improvviso, mi venne un’idea. Chiamai la hostess e le chiesi se avesse mai sentito parlare del rimedio di soccorso, ma lei rispose di no. Questo rendeva le cose un po’ più difficili. Le spiegai brevemente di cosa si trattasse e le chiesi di provare a vedere se la mamma del bimbo fosse d’accordo a mettergliene qualche goccia sui polsi, nei punti di pulsazione. Acconsentì, d’altra parte non c’era niente da perdere.

Spiegai il più semplicemente possibile alla mamma del bambino cosa fosse il rimedio. Ebbe un momento di esitazione, ma gli strilli del bimbo le fecero velocemente cambiare idea e anche lei fu d’accordo che valeva la pena di tentare. Le misi, allora, alcune gocce di rimedio sulle dita e lei, con un delicato massaggio, le applicò sui piccoli polsi del bambino.

Nel giro di pochi minuti il bimbo smise di piangere e poco dopo si addormentò profondamente. Mi girai verso i passeggeri dietro di me e ci sorridemmo sollevati.

La hostess aveva 63 anni e lavorava da quarant’anni a bordo degli aerei. Scherzosamente soprannominò il nostro volo il “Volo del Dinosauro”. Chiacchierammo un po’ e mi disse che negli ultimi anni si stava verificando uno strano fenomeno, che lei definiva “Rabbia da Linea aerea”. Disse che la gente era più irritabile, impaziente, scorbutica e collerica, con una tendenza ‘a farsi notare’ che non aveva mai visto prima. I bambini piangevano di più e più a lungo e le hostess dovevano affrontare situazioni che andavano ben oltre a quelle previste dal loro lavoro.

Le parlai a lungo dei rimedi floreali del dr. Bach e le suggerii di tenere il rimedio di soccorso sempre con sé. Guardando il bambino che dormiva mi disse: “VENDUTO!”

Alison e Michael

Alison e Michael mi avevano consultato per aiutarli a risolvere dei problemi che erano sorti fra di loro.

Alison era una persona tranquilla, che sapeva quello che voleva e aveva difficoltà a gestire l’indecisione e l’apparente disorientamento di Michael. Stava diventando un po’ insicura anche lei e si sentiva minacciata dalle persone che aveva intorno – i bambini che giocavano fuori casa le davano fastidio e alzarsi la mattina, per recarsi ad un lavoro che non le piaceva più, stava diventando un vero peso.

Alison si descriveva come una persona che contava unicamente su se stessa e diceva di essere sempre stata un tipo solitario. Eppure aveva sempre lavorato in un settore, quello dell’abbigliamento, in cui viene richiesto un costante contatto con gli altri. Le avevano affidato un suo negozio da gestire ed era molto brava nel suo lavoro. I suoi colleghi dicevano che era piena di vitalità, una vera fonte di energia.

Durante il colloquio, emerse un conflitto tra i due aspetti della sua personalità: la Alison tranquilla ed autosufficiente, che aveva bisogno dei suoi spazi e soffriva quando non poteva averli e la Alison vitale, allegra e dinamica che contagiava tutti con la sua energia – un conflitto tra una personalità Water Violet da una parte e Agrimony dall’altra.

Pensammo che probabilmente, durante il passaggio da quello che erano state le sicurezze dell’infanzia all’età adulta, aveva sentito, anche se inconsapevolmente, il bisogno di proteggere la sua natura profonda dal mondo esterno e aveva assunto il comportamento strategico di nascondere completamente la sua vera indole dietro a questo aspetto esteriore di vitalità.

Iniziò subito a prendere Water Violet e Agrimony. Usammo, però, anche altri rimedi adatti ai sentimenti che provava nei confronti del marito e della loro situazione.

Dopo aver preso i rimedi per due mesi, Alison si svegliava riposata. Sentiva di aver rimesso insieme se stessa senza conflittualità e che il suo guscio difensivo era sparito. Anche per suo marito le cose stavano cominciando a cambiare e questo, unitamente ai suoi progressi, faceva sentire Alison più rilassata e meno suscettibile. Insomma, si sentiva “in pace”.

Michael trovava i colloqui molto illuminanti. Scoprì che aveva bisogno del consenso degli altri per fare ed essere quello che voleva. Capì anche quanto fosse ansioso e quanta paura di sbagliare avesse, al punto che questo tormento gli aveva causato un problema di intestino irritabile, una depressione e molti altri sintomi legati allo stress.

AGentile di carattere, Michael lavorava nel campo della finanza con dei colleghi resi iperattivi dalla pressione del lavoro. Era bravo nel suo lavoro, ma data la sua natura tranquilla, ciò gli richiedeva molto sforzo. Si era sempre interessato al settore delle terapie complementari, specialmente alla riflessologia.

Lui e sua moglie sognavano di andare a vivere in campagna dove avevano una piccola casa, ma Michael non riusciva a prendere la decisione di licenziarsi dal suo lavoro stabile.

Per circa sei settimane prese Larch per dare impulso alla fiducia in sé stesso, White Chestnut per alleviare la preoccupazione, Scleranthus per l’indecisione ed anche per i problemi di equilibrio e di coordinazione di cui aveva cominciato a soffrire e Mimulus per le paure che gli impedivano di fare ciò che voleva.

Successivamente, se ne andarono in vacanza nel loro cottage. Al ritorno Michael disse che la vacanza non lo aveva ricaricato. Stava così male che non andò a lavorare per un po’ di tempo – cosa molto insolita per lui. Aveva perso completamente l’appetito e gli veniva facilmente da piangere. Sconsolato diceva che si ritrovava alle solite.

Identificammo una perdita di fiducia nella vita, un continuo timore che le cose andassero male. Parlammo di come la sua natura sensibile trovasse difficile sostenere la lotta, senza esclusione di colpi, del suo ambiente di lavoro e di come proprio tutto il suo essere gli stava chiedendo, a gran voce, di cambiare vita. Parlammo anche delle possibili alternative che potessero essere più appaganti per lui.

Questa volta, nella bottiglietta del trattamento mettemmo Chestnut Bud per aiutarlo a progredire, Centaury e Walnut per dargli forza e proteggere le sue decisioni, Pine per neutralizzare ogni senso di colpa relativo al fatto di fare le cose a modo suo, Larch per dargli fiducia e forza di agire e White Chestnut per tenere a freno la preoccupazione.

Il giorno dopo Alison venne al suo appuntamento dicendo che aveva un marito nuovo. Michael aveva già inoltrato la sua domanda di licenziamento e si era iscritto ad un corso di riflessologia. Era pieno di vita, riusciva a vedere chiaramente la sua strada futura ed era deciso ad andare avanti con positività. Ora stanno pensando di fare il grande salto e di trasferirsi definitivamente in campagna.

Il primo giorno di scuola

Mio figlio ha cominciato ad andare a scuola lo scorso autunno. In estate, quando andammo a visitare la scuola, fu l’unico bambino a non voler lasciare i genitori per andare in un’aula ad ascoltare un breve racconto. Era estremamente nervoso e si aggrappava a mio marito come se fosse sul punto di essere abbandonato.

Passai il resto dell’estate a pensare a cosa avrei fatto, a settembre, quando si sarebbe rifiutato di andare in classe il primo giorno di scuola. Preparai una bottiglietta del trattamento con i rimedi di cui, secondo me, aveva bisogno e cominciai a dargli le gocce due settimane prima del primo giorno del trimestre. La bottiglietta conteneva Mimulus, Larch e Walnut. (Normalmente, Mimulus e Larch sono le ultime cose di cui ha bisogno!)

Il primo giorno arrivò. Dopo avermi velocemente salutato con un bacio, corse dritto in classe, da solo. Ogni mattina corre in classe prima di tutti gli altri bambini e, a quanto pare, si sta prendendo cura di quelli che sono ancora turbati. La settimana scorsa ho aiutato l’insegnante in classe: ora a mio figlio sto dando Vine!


Il mio cane di razza weimaraner di nome Guy morì. Aveva seri problemi al cuore e più di due anni prima ci avevano detto che aveva solo tre mesi di vita, ci sentimmo perciò molto grati di averlo avuto con noi ancora per tanto tempo. Aveva 13 anni e 5 mesi, una bella età per un weimaraner.

Adesso ci è rimasto solo Asterix, uno springer spaniel inglese di 12 anni e 8 mesi, anche se, probabilmente, la sua età mentale sia di circa 8 mesi.

Asterix ha sempre vissuto con altri cani, perché originariamente avevamo anche due weimaraner insieme a lui. Dopo la morte di Guy, in un primo tempo, sembrava che Asterix non stesse troppo male, ma dopo cinque o sei giorni cominciò ad essere veramente depresso. Mangiava in modo irregolare, non si muoveva dalla sua cuccia, e la cosa più preoccupante era che non voleva uscire per la passeggiata. Non era più lo stesso.

Decisi di provare a dargli i rimedi floreali di Bach, che già in passato avevo usato per i miei cani. Preparai un rimedio composto da:

  • Vine – per la sua personalità
  • Walnut – per il cambiamento nella sua vita
  • Mimulus – per la paura di cose conosciute e per la timidezza che ora Asterix dimostrava
  • Gentian – per la depressione dovuta ad una causa nota
  • Crab Apple – usai questo rimedio perché aveva un’irritazione su una delle zampe posteriori, proprio dove in passato gli era stata rimosso un seme di graminacea

Il rimedio fu aggiunto all’acqua nella sua ciotola a ad alcune leccornie che gli davamo per invogliarlo a mangiare. Il cambiamento fu quasi immediato. Continuai a dargli i rimedi ancora per una settimana e il nostro vecchio Asterix ora è tornato ad essere quello di prima.

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