Car covers

What are

The car cover is a protection made of different materials that allows the car to be sheltered from the elements. Its main function is to offer shelter to the car, a covered space that protects it from the intense summer sun and adverse weather conditions during the winter.


The market greatly diversifies the offer relating to car covers, as there are many customers who request this structure made with a material that can wisely approach the rest of the garden. First of all the car cover it must be waterproof and solid and must have the necessary space where the car can be placed. In reality there are also covers valid for two cars on the market, but obviously you need to have the necessary space available to install it. The solution that provides for the car cover made in the garden is almost mandatory for those who do not have the possibility of being able to keep it inside a garage.

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The 'classic' car cover is the one made of wood. The structure consists of a support and a cover which is fixed to the ground to make it stable. The wood used to make the car cover is treated with natural substances that make it resistant to the action of rain. The size of the car cover must match that of the car. Alternatively, if you have two cars, you can purchase a two-seater car cover. The car cover made of wood is always well finished and this allows it to integrate perfectly into the garden. When the car is not parked, this sheltered space can always be exploited for other uses. In this case we have examined the car cover made entirely of wood, but the roof structure could also be made with other materials such as tiles or a sheet. The roofing with tiles certainly gives a more rustic look to the whole garden, so basically it is just a matter of personal taste. Alternatively, the car cover could also be chosen in much simpler versions made of aluminum and plastic. The supporting structure made of aluminum or iron and the cover with plastic is a type of cover often used in restaurant parking lots. This is a rather convenient solution as the plastic is thick and very resistant and this allows it a rather long duration over time.


The car cover, in addition to being purchased at specialized shops, can also be made personally. First of all, it is a question of having to define a first project to refer to in order to establish the dimensions and then the purchase of the necessary material. Of course, the disadvantage is that the self-made car cover requires a certain skill and also some time, so it cannot be immediately usable, unlike what happens if you go to a shop, in which case it can be installed immediately. By resorting to do-it-yourself, the cover can have any height, any size, without any type of constraint. Only some companies specialized in the sector offer the customer the possibility of ordering a tailor-made car cover, as an alternative to those present at points of sale where there are only standard measures.


The cost of a cover varies according to the model and type of material used. Where a customization of the coverage is required, it is necessary to estimate a cost that is certainly higher than the basic price. Each will then decide on the basis of their economic budget which type of car cover to choose, because the most complete and made with materials of a certain quality will certainly have a higher cost. To compare and compare the different car cover models, you need to go directly to the point of sale and ask for all the information regarding the type of car cover you are interested in.

Where to buy

The car cover is sold in DIY stores, but also in garden furniture stores. Those who decide to make it themselves will only have to buy the material at the DIY stores. Alternatively, you will have to go to a specialized shop and check the model that best meets your needs. The car cover is almost always installed directly by the customer, as it only involves assembling a few elements, although there are some shops that offer transport and assembly services.

Pergolas and garden sheds: Car covers

We officially present you a new solution, as far as the furnishing of your green corner is concerned. From today, in fact, you can choose the best car covers with complete awareness, thanks to which, in addition to guaranteeing physical protection for the home garden, you can easily replace a much more bulky garage.

Even an element of this type, however, must be divided into various sub-categories. Specifically, you can decide to opt for wooden or aluminum roofs, depending on your tastes and the style you have decided to follow in the more general context of furnishing your green corner. Don't hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in this world right away.

Outdoor Covers

outdoor structures to shelter from the sun's rays

the characteristics of garden umbrellas

a shelter from the direct rays of the sun

the wooden houses to be used as a storage room or as a guest room

an outdoor structure as a shelter from bad weather

the characteristics of garden gazebos

coverage for passenger cars

Car Canopies: Protect Your Car Even From Hail

Sail awnings are well suited for covering car parks .

They allow shelter against hail and make you find cool cars.

Very often, however, customers ask us which of the fabrics is most suitable for this type of use.

The anti-hail car cover is certainly one of the priorities.

We can say that the transparent HDPE fabric it is certainly the best as:

  1. It's completely RIPPROOF therefore in case of hail it will have no problems. The waterproof fabric on the other hand could tear.
  2. In situations of strong wind (as in the case of hail) its natural perforated texture will allow it to pass air. The waterproof fabric, on the other hand, could create dangerous air pockets that will stress the anchors and could cause the fabric to tear.
  3. In situations of great heat the HDPE fabric will let the hot air flow upwards while the waterproof fabric will tend to be a 'hood'

After having seen that the most appropriate choice is on HDPE fabric, we also investigate the strengths of the sail awnings against the classic cantilever systems commonly produced.

Such traditional car shelter or shelter systems (example in the photo) have a big advantage and a big disadvantage.

The advantage is certainly represented by the fact of being completely cantilevered and therefore we will have no impediments in opening the car doors.

Here is an example of an "old style" carport:

The a big disadvantage is instead represented by the fact that it is not possible to orient and vary the heights of the various angles coverage. In this way, as you can see in the photo, for most of the day WE WILL NOT COVER OUR CAR FOR ANYTHING FROM THE SUN.

Thanks instead to the purchase of the our system with ALU SIMPLE shade sail poles it will be easy to vary the heights of all angles to our liking. In this way we can easily calculate the path of the sun and keep the car ALWAYS SHELTER from the sun's rays.

Furthermore, considering the heights of the cars that will usually be parked underneath, our anti-hail car cover will be much more effective because we will be able to keep the cloth much more adherent to the roof of the cars. Our system manages to be truly something innovative in terms of functionality and style compared to traditional car parking coverage.

Among our range of fabric sizes there are sizes such as the 5x5 able to cover abundantly two cars as shown by the photo below. But if that weren't enough, there are also measures 5.5x5.5 meters or 4.5x6.5. We have 21 size variations available for each color so we will surely find what is right for us!

In addition to this we must calculate that in the case of multiple modules, a single anchor pole will suffice: we just need to buy a single cursor to anchor two or more corners to the same pole for shade sails. Thanks to the integrated lane, various configurations are possible!

Car parking cover at the best price, style and unique functionality thanks to Maanta!

Discover our EasyShade Parking Kits

Attached Parking Cover Kit

Ideal for creating a sail car cover leaning against an existing wall. Easy to install, elegant and effective.

1 EasyShade sail Anti-hail shading
2 Muscle Wall Anchors x3
2 Ulysses poles
variable height with base at 90 ° or 75 ° or collars for fixing on walls.

From only € 205 per parking space.

Parking Cover Kit 1 Sail 4 Poles

The basic module of the EasyShade Parking Kit: Anti-hail, anti-frost and optimal sun protection.

1 EasyShade sail Anti-hail shading
4 Ulysses poles variable height with base at 90 ° or 75 ° or collars for fixing on walls.

From only € 315 per parking space.

Parking Cover Kit 2 Sails 6 Poles

The modular system of EasyShade Parking Kit allows easy and advantageous expansion. By adding a sail and 2 Ulisse poles to the basic module, a sail cover for 4 cars is obtained.

2 EasyShade anti-hail sails
6 Ulysses poles
variable height with base at 90 ° or 75 ° or collars for fixing on walls.

From only € 191 per parking space..

Car covers-6

Car covers are one of the most widespread protections inside gardens and green spaces: they are usually made with extremely resistant materials, which allow the car that is below to calmly face any type of weather.

The main function is to offer a good shelter to the car, above all by creating a covered space that allows it to be protected both from the strong summer sun and from the adverse weather conditions of the winter period.

On the market we can find a good number of solutions regarding car covers: many models that are able to satisfy the different needs of customers.

In most cases, customers require structures built with materials that can still present an excellent quality also from an aesthetic point of view, in order to integrate perfectly with the furniture already present within the green space .

In any case, car covers must be made with very resistant materials and money, since they must be able to withstand any weather.

The structures to create shaded areas for moments of relaxation and to shelter our objects

Especially during the hottest periods it is pleasant to spend your free time in the open air. To do this properly, however, it is necessary to be equipped with awnings, umbrellas, pergolas and gazebos in order to create shaded areas that shelter from atmospheric agents.

Both pergolas and gazebos are the ideal solution to transform a part of the garden into a livable space where you can spend moments of absolute relaxation or organize dinners or lunches in the open air. In fact, pergolas and gazebos are an excellent shelter from direct sunlight and rain. In both cases, it is also possible to completely close these structures with pvc walls in order to create real rooms that can also be used during the winter months. Pergolas and gazebos, especially those made of wood, adapt perfectly to any type of garden, merging with it and becoming an integral part of it. On their structure it is also possible to make climbing plants climb for an even greater aesthetic result.

Even awnings and umbrellas are excellent outdoor shelters but in this case they do not create livable areas like those created by gazebos and pergolas. The umbrellas, suitable both for the poolside and for the lawns, are a shelter from direct sunlight and at most from light rain but not from other atmospheric agents and are therefore only useful during summer days. The same must be said for awnings which, however, have the usefulness of keeping the entrance to the house cool.

We may need to shelter some of our objects from the elements, first of all our car. There are several models of car boxes that can be placed in our garden. The wooden models are very similar to pergolas and manage to offer practicality and aesthetic beauty at the same time. The models of garages for cars, on the other hand, in concrete or sheet metal, although very practical, do not have the same aesthetic result even if in recent years models with more and more attention to detail are spreading. In the gardens can also be placed wooden houses useful to be used as a tool shed or as a storage room. The wooden houses can in some cases also be habitable and function as a guest room or space for your hobbies.


Transparent polycarbonate and glass covers

Outdoor covers, solutions for roofing terraces, canopies, balconies, with pergolas for small and large covers, protect from the sun, rain and snow, Removable outdoor covers with packet lockable awning or pvc roller shutters or with fully aluminum pivoting louvre covers, can also be operated with radio motors, solutions with fixed glass or polycarbonate covers

Waterproof covers for outdoors, for terraces, balconies, gardens and cars, for bars, restaurants and outdoor areas, current and functional solutions with a linear design to protect yourself outdoors and take advantage of outdoor spaces

Sale of external covers, solutions for terrace covers, balconies, verandas, entrances, external covers for bars, restaurants, outdoor areas, car covers is garden, polycarbonate, glass, pvc roofs, insulated roofs, a adjustable slats, removable covers, with structures in aluminum, iron, wood

Realization of outdoor coverings to Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Verona, Cremona, Monza Brianza, Lodi, Crema, Mantua, Varese, Piacenza, Vicenza, Pavia, Como, Lecco, Parma, Trento, Padua, Modena



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