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Plants and flowers could never survive without water. Water is, in fact, a fundamental element for their growth. This is why in order to have a well-kept garden it is necessary to install a good irrigation system. When you start designing the garden, you also start thinking about the type of plant at the same time. First of all, you need to determine where to place the central sump and the dripline. The system is able to wet the lawn from different angles, and this angle can be chosen directly according to the needs of the plant. A domestic line is usually used for the irrigation system, and the problem that most frequently arises is that of water pressure. To facilitate the placement of the irrigation system, it is good to divide the area, so as to also make an assessment of the different costs to be incurred. control unit. The main advantage of an automatic irrigation system is that it comes into operation even when you are not at home and this is an excellent convenience when you are on vacation because you must absolutely not fear that plants and flowers may have dried up on our return. . The dripping method is undoubtedly the cheapest one, ... continue

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continue ..., mainly used for hedges. In addition to using drinking water, the irrigation system can also take advantage of rainwater, which must be collected in a tank connected to the system. The underground irrigation system is much more discreet, but ensures that the plants still have the necessary daily supply of water. This type of system can be made either by a technician or personally. Depending on the size of the garden, a different type of plant must be chosen so that it can cover the entire surface. After tracing the project, it will be necessary to divide the garden into zones to check the points where to bury the irrigation piping. The set of opening and closing solenoid valves is defined as valve manifold and this is connected to the service line. To install the irrigation system, it is necessary to trace on the ground the path that the pipes will have to make and dig a groove of at least 20 cm. The system will be positioned inside this and the head of the sprinklers must be at the same level as the turf. Testing is essential to verify that there are no leaks. The use of the programmer is very important because, if equipped with a rain sensor, it avoids wasting water because it suspends the operation of the irrigation system for that day in which it rained. It works thanks to an internal battery and is programmable to ensure that the irrigation system can operate independently. It is a rather convenient tool especially for its ability to detect rain and therefore also avoid overwatering the plant. During the garden design phase it is essential to pay attention to these precautions because the garden must always be cared for throughout the year. The convenience of having an underground irrigation system allows you to absolutely not ruin the aesthetics of the garden because this system is not external, it is not visible, but still manages to water the plants correctly. Everyone can then choose the irrigation system they deem most appropriate, also by comparing the related costs. A fairly large garden certainly requires an irrigation system large enough to cover the entire area, because the entire lawn needs to be watered. The best solution is to be advised by experts on the type of irrigation system to use. The expense appears superfluous only if you have limited space and the plants are in the pots, in which case watering can also be manual. The convenience of an irrigation system is that, by activating itself automatically, it guarantees greater carefree. It is only necessary to periodically check that it is working correctly. If you buy a house with a garden, where there is no irrigation system, it will be necessary to trace the channels to allow the passage of the pipes. After a few seasons, the lawn will return to its initial condition and no traces of the intervention will be visible. Today, most people prefer to choose the underground irrigation system, because it is very discreet and when programmed it starts working automatically. Turning to specialist gardening stores, you will realize that it is certainly the best system and that the expense will be faced only once since it is a good long-lasting system. Relying on an expert person for the installation of the irrigation system, you can be sure of having a garden that is always in bloom. Would you like to design the path that will lead you to place an irrigation system inside your home garden? So don't do without for any reason in the world of consulting a thematic section like the one we are presenting to you, thanks to which you can always make decisions in absolute awareness.

Our raison d'etre is precisely to let you perceive the main phases of this process: from design to the identification of the product that best suits your needs, without however neglecting an aspect that is often and willingly taken lightly: that is to say the identification of accessories for garden plants. We await you with more details.

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