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We offer:

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya" for cellular polycarbonate

Width 3 meters
Height 2.10 meters
Length 4, 6, 8 meters
Weight of a 4-meter greenhouse 57 kg

The frame is made of galvanized steel 0.8 mm, the shape is V-shaped. The length of the greenhouse can be increased in multiples of 2 meters. The design has a pitch of 65 centimeters.

The kit includes 4mm polycarbonate hardware. No foundation required. Covering material - cellular polycarbonate, does not break, perfectly retains heat, dismantling for the winter is not required. Additionally completed with vents, partitions

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya Premium" for cellular polycarbonate

1st package: main unit 4m, weight - 50 kg
2nd package: ends with doors and vents, weight - 25 kg
3rd package: 2m extension (if necessary), weight - 25 kg

The frame is made of galvanized closed tube 25 mm x 25 mm

Cellular polycarbonate

White polycarbonate is designed for light-transparent structures and light-colored transparent blood. Panels of honeycomb polycarbonate by thermal insulation are not inferior to glass packs and have rigidity, ensuring resistance to wind and snow loads.

Hollow sheets, in which 2 or more layers are connected by inner longitudinal ribs of rigidity oriented in the direction of the sheet length.

The high plasticity and strength of the material itself makes it possible to extrude sheets with very thin walls. The air contained in the voids between the layers of the sheet ensures its high heat-insulating properties, and the stiffening ribs provide greater structural strength for the most part. The lightness of the polycarbonate leaves will allow you to create original and elegant solutions, increasing the area of ​​the light-transmitting surface by increasing the width of the flight to the non-object.

Cellular polycarbonate is ideal for covering greenhouses, greenhouses, swimming pools. Both transparent and colored polycarbonate sheets will ennoble the summer cottage and will reliably serve for many years if they are also used for awnings, arched ceilings, for fences, partitions, summer showers, verandas, gazebos, terraces.

Our company offers transparent and colored honeycomb polycarbonate of the brands СARBOGLASS (Russia) and NOVATTRO (Russia). The OZUNAR company is a dealer of manufacturing plants.

Properties and general characteristics of cellular polycarbonate

1. Ultra-high impact strength: 200 times stronger than glass and 8 times stronger than acrylic plastics and PVC
2. High temperature resistance: properties little depend on temperature, and critical temperatures are outside the range of possible operating temperatures)
3. High fire resistance - the material is hardly flammable and self-extinguishing; combustion of polycarbonate is not accompanied by the release of toxic substances
4. Extreme lightness: cellular polycarbonate weighs 16 times less than glass and 3 times less than acrylic of the same thickness
5. High thermal insulation properties, low thermal conductivity: heat transfer coefficient - 2.5 W / m2K
6. High light transmission: transparency - up to 86%, good light diffusion in the double panel, no shadow
7. Flexural and tensile strength
8. Excellent resistance to weathering: cellular polycarbonate is suitable for use in the temperature range from -400C to + 1200C, a special outer layer protects the sheets from yellowing and surface wear
9. Durability: mechanical, optical and thermal properties remain unchanged during the entire warranty period and even longer
Guaranteed service life 6 - 15 years depending on the grade of polycarbonate
10. Safety of glazing (polycarbonate is a viscous polymer, therefore, sheets made from it do not break, do not crack, and, consequently, sharp fragments upon impact)
11. Protection against ultraviolet radiation (a special protective layer applied to the outer surface of the sheets prevents the penetration of the most harmful UV radiation for the interior)
12. Excellent design capabilities

About Ozunar

The Ozunar company has been operating in St. Petersburg since 1995. We offer a wide selection of high quality materials and an individual approach to each client. Today Ozunar is one of the leading suppliers of plexiglass, polycarbonate and other plastics in the market of the North-West of Russia. Qualified managers will help you choose the required material and advise on working with it.

Our regular customers are builders and designers, gardeners and manufacturers of advertising products, manufacturers of trade and exhibition equipment, car accessories, aquariums and many, many others. Wholesale customers are offered discounts and the ability to order sheets of specified thicknesses, sizes and colors. Materials can be cut to size and delivered to the client's address. By purchasing materials from the Ozunar company, you can count on a high quality guarantee, reasonable prices and qualified service.


Cellular polycarbonate (duct) is a material obtained by chemical means using the latest technologies. Thanks to the use of advanced methods, cellular polycarbonate has received unique characteristics that surpass those of all similar materials.
Advantages of cellular polycarbonate
Compared to glass of the same thickness, it is 15 times lighter and 120 times stronger
Cellular polycarbonate has a long service life, with proper use - 30 years
10-year manufacturer's warranty
It is used at large temperature drops from -40 to +120, without losing its performance characteristics, has a high viscosity - at low temperatures it is practically impossible to break it, and bends do not cause deformation and do not violate its integrity.
Possesses high wear resistance, high chemical resistance
Light transmission exceeds 80%, with the sun's rays being scattered, resulting in better illumination.
Cellular polycarbonate sheets are excellent noise protection, 17-23 dB noises are suppressed.
The material has a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity; if glass is replaced with it, heating costs are reduced by 40%.
Light weight, ease of installation, fire resistance and many other advantages brought this material to a leading place and forced to use it in all areas of construction.

Examples of using cellular polycarbonate:
Light-transmitting roofing, fences, glazing of roofs, pavilions and stained-glass windows
Pools, stadiums, sports facilities, playgrounds
In advertising and design
In agriculture
In construction
Exhibition stands, pavilions, showcases
Winter gardens
Hangar glazing
Office partitions
Room design
Greenhouses, hotbeds
Railway platforms
Room design

The Salmax company is the official dealer of the largest plant in Russia, which produces cellular and monolithic polycarbonate. Given the large capacity and rich experience of the manufacturer, we are able to satisfy any need. Any quantity at the best price and in the shortest possible time. There is a possibility of ordering any color.

Cellular polycarbonate color options
Cellular polycarbonate turquoise
Cellular polycarbonate bronze
Cellular polycarbonate garnet
Cellular polycarbonate yellow
Cellular polycarbonate green

Cellular polycarbonate red
Cellular polycarbonate orange
Cellular polycarbonate transparent
Cellular polycarbonate gray
Cellular polycarbonate blue

Greenhouses and greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate

Interest in the cultivation of ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit crops in a suburban or suburban area is invariably high. Moreover, it grows in proportion to the number of plots allocated for private households and summer cottages. Greenhouses, hotbeds and greenhouses are a serious helper for the amateur gardener. And if earlier they were a kind of structure made of reinforcement and polyethylene, today they are made of modern materials. An example of this is greenhouses made of transparent polycarbonate.

Greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate are beautiful, convenient and practical. The arched shape of greenhouses is the most common type of structure. In this case, the height of the greenhouse is approximately 1.9 m. You can increase the height by lifting the arched structure onto a small base. The third version of the shape of the greenhouse is a structure with straight walls and with a single-slope sheet covering. Polycarbonate greenhouses are manufactured and installed by specialized companies. It is also possible that the company manufactures a greenhouse, and the consumer himself assembles and installs it on his site.

Cellular polycarbonate, as a material for the construction of greenhouses, surpasses other similar materials in many respects. The light transmittance of the two-layer polycarbonate is 80%. Passing through the honeycomb sheet, the light is scattered and illuminates not only the upper surface of the leaves, but also the lower one. This makes the plants more resistant to various diseases. But ultraviolet rays, the most destructive for plants, practically do not pass through the panel. The thermal insulation properties of honeycomb panels are about 3 times higher than that of sheet glass, which makes them suitable for consumption at temperatures from -40C to + 90C. Cellular polycarbonate is a shockproof material. The greenhouse is not afraid of either hail or an accidentally thrown stone. The ignition of honeycomb panels is lower than that of plexiglass sheets, however, it is not recommended to start a fire near the greenhouse. The sheets of honeycomb panels should be washed with water and mild detergents. Cleaning agents and abrasives can damage the UV-blocking coating on the sheets. Greenhouses cope successfully with snow and wind loads. In greenhouses, hotbeds and greenhouses, cellular polycarbonate creates a unique microclimate favorable for the development and growth of plants and an excellent harvest.

The range of sizes of greenhouses offered by the manufacturing companies surprises and pleases the consumer - from small summer cottages to large complexes for growing vegetables and flowers. The customer himself determines what it will be with him - with one or two doors, whether ventilation vents are needed or not. Manufacturers always go to meet the wishes of the client, and with this approach to the order, it is quite possible to find a favorable (for both parties) combination of price-quality-time.

Greenhouses, polycarbonate, awnings, canopies

Photos of our greenhouses
Our company IP City Plast Aktobe, offers polycarbonate greenhouses.
Delivery to any city:
Aktau, Beineu, Shetpe, Kuryk, Mangyshlak, Aksai, Khobda, Kandyagash, Emba, Shalkar, Alga, Beshtamak, Khromtau.

Polycarbonate greenhouses today are the optimal solution due to the fact that they have:
simple and robust construction
about 2-4 times warmer than similar glass greenhouses
compared to the film, polycarbonate is much more durable
greenhouses do not require a foundation
their assembly is simple, and operation practically does not require additional labor costs
greenhouses are easy to transport disassembled
and it just looks more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessors.
We realize greenhouses of the following sizes: width 3m, 4m., Height 2m and 2.50m. and length from 4 meters. The outer covering of the greenhouse is made of cellular polycarbonate. It is a durable, lightweight material that can take any shape and retain heat well.
The construction of our greenhouses is designed to withstand significant wind and snow loads in Aktobe and the region.
Profile pipes 20x20 were used as the frame of the greenhouse. Greenhouses are made on a turnkey basis: they include doors, vents at the ends and all the necessary fastening elements.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are inexpensive and well established products. You can purchase them from our company at Zangar 40.

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Mangistau, Mangistau region, Munayly district

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Description: Polycarbonate, greenhouses, fences. Wholesale and retail.

Why us?
Delivery directly from the manufacturer. A large assortment. Own production of greenhouses. Show in full. Daily deliveries in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, to Perm (Perm region), Tyumen (Tyumen region) and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Flexible pricing.

Our products:
- Cellular polycarbonate
- Monolithic polycarbonate
- Profiled polycarbonate (transparent slate)
- Locking polycarbonate
- Greenhouses, gazebos
- 3d fence, picket fence
- Gates, fence gates
- Acrylic glass (plexiglass)
- Pat-A sheets
- Polystyrene
- Foamed PVC
- Polypropylene sheet
- Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE)

You can find us: Sverdlovsk region, Berezovsky, st. Western industrial zone, 24-a, building 5

Call now! 8 (343) 380-40-80, 8-912-045-99-00.

Our consultants will be happy to help you.

Office hours:
Monday - Friday: from 9-00 to 17-00 (without a break)
Saturday and Sunday - days off

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